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About LakeBTC

LakeBTC is renowned to be Lake Banking Technology Company started in the year 2013 as virtual Bitcoin Exchange. The company has started for those interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

LakeBTC is aimed to become best Bitcoin platforms over the world with keen experience in internal control and risk management. The website stated – high liquidity and fast trade matches considered to be two key attributes that makes them separate from other exchanges.

Key points of LakeBTC

Bitcoin wallet service:

With Bitcoin Wallet service, users can either choose to withdraw bitcoin to their own wallets or they can leave it on LakeBTC itself. To certify user fund’s security, the website has taken steps as cold storage, 2-step verification, SMS withdrawal confirmation and trade notifications.

Merchant tools:

However, this allow businesses accept payments virtually for free. This process is quite easy and informal to integrate than traditional payment methods like credit cards.

Exceptional user experience:

Though, the company is proud to have exceptional support team to assist its users in solving issues concerning – trading, withdrawals, password recovery, registration, login etc.

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How to get register in Lake BTC exchange:

Users have to visit Lake BTC website and it provides accessible view to registration. User registration can be possible by just adding email, password in the required field. Once the registration is done, a confirmation email will be sent to their email Id and once the link in mail is confirmed, user can login their accounts directly.

The company is basically focusing on 4 key aspects

  • Security: In order to secure the funds and privacy of users, the security management is backed by experienced team with apparatus like SSL encryption, cold storage, SMS withdrawal confirmation, trade notification and so on. Along with these, the company is available with highly secure market data and trading API’s for advanced users.
  • Liquidity: Though, LakeBTC exchange offers high liquidity to its individual investors, merchants, exchangers, miners, funds, arbitrageurs and professional trading firms. This feature allows its users listing price in number of indexes.
  • Fairness: In order to protect investor’s interest, the company provide efficient marketplace. It is integrated with comprehensive risk management, strict internal controls and market manipulations.
  • Service: Furthermore, the LakeBTC exchange is supported by exceptional user experience to provide its customer friendly experience. They solve your questions concerning password recovery, trading, APIs and withdrawals.
Referral Program

However, beside working as crypto exchange, the LakeBTC is having referral program which are Tier – 1 Referral, Tier-2 Referrals and Tier-3 Referrals.

Furthermore, for these three referrals, users earn trading commission fees they generated. The commission paid is as follow:

Tier-1 Referral – 30%

Tier-2 Referral – 10%

Tier-3 Referral – 5%

More info on referral provided here in this source:

Recent news: LakeBTC Cryptocurrency exchange to add Ripple (XRP) trading

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