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EXMO Review

About Exmo Exchange

Exmo is a cryptocurrency exchange that works on the concept of Blockchain technology. The exchange supports many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, and Ethereum, etc. The fiat currency acceptable on this platform is USD, EUR, RUB, and UAH. Traders can access the website in 11 different languages which benefit the users who have joined the platform from different countries.

A user can trade in either crypto-to-crypto or crypto to fiat currency. The exchange has on-boarded almost 500,000 users from over 200 countries so far for trading and exchange.

Features of Exmo Exchange

Exmo exchange team has experienced developers from Spain, Russia, India, and Thailand. The exchange has some powerful investors from countries such as Britain, the USA, Lithuania, and Singapore.

The platform provides humungous payment options to its user thus making it convenient for funding the Exmo accounts, deposits, etc. The trading engine is efficient, fast and equipped with the latest technology thus making the transactions instant.

This cryptocurrency exchange review points an interesting feature called Exmo wiki which kinds of answer every question related to this platform. There is information concerning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, how to trade and exchange, etc.

The company provides complete assistance to its users through online chats and email ID or raising tickets. Thus, a customer can raise queries regarding trading and exchange by using one of the above methods. Exmo takes an attempt to deal with each client individually.

The account registration is free of cost and does not require any verification. The processing fee on the transaction is very minimal and accounts for only 0.2%. Thus, a user can make a fair amount of investments in return for profits.

How to register a new account on Exmo?

In order to register a new account, log on to www. The user can then click on the tab “Sign up”. Enter the details such as login, mail ID, and create a password. Click on the tab “register”. A verification mail goes to the registered email ID to activate the account.

Account Verification

Once the login is successful, the user will have to go through three verifications i.e. Identity verification, address verification, and agreement verification. Identity verification requires first and last name, date of birth,
ID document number and series, etc.

Address verification requires address, city, country, postal code, and supporting documentation with the date. Agreement verification has a document uploaded on the website itself. It has to be printed and signed by the user, which is then uploaded again to complete the verification process.

Although cryptocurrency trading does not require account verification. But Fiat currency trading is done with a verified account. The user has to provide identity and address proof. With it, the user has to sign a user agreement and upload it to complete the verification process.

Trade View

EXMO comes with 2 trade views. One if for a Novice trader while the second is for Advanced trader.

Here is a preview of Trade (Basic version)

EXMO basic trade view

Have a look at Trade New( Advanced Version) It has various options in the toolbar to get a detailed report

EXMO advanced iew

Buy/Sell at Exmo

Before a user can begin with trading and exchange, the Exmo account needs to get fund by using one of the many payment options available. The funding could be in the following currencies i.e. EUR, RUR, UAH, and USD. Once the account has enough balance, the user can begin with new orders.

In order to buy and sell, the user can select the type of order i.e. instant order or limit order then select the amount he is ready to invest and place the order.

Before placing the order, the user can go through different market analysis tools such as real-time pricing of different crypto pairs under different timelines such as minutes, hours or days. The user can also check the last 24-hour trading volume and the highest and lowest price of the day.


EXMO Coin (EXM) was launched in July 2019. with the introduction of EXM coin, the plan is to integrate the token into the EXMO internal ecosystem. This will lead into acceptance of EXM tokens in leading payment systems and cryptocurrency wallets. The token listing will proceed in three stages. 

Exmo Wallet

EXMO exchange offers a web-based wallet to store your coins. However, the exchange does not offer insurance for the Exmo wallet. The users will lose their currencies in case of any attack. It is advisable to use Hardware wallets like Ledger Nano S for better security. 

Recently, EXMO Wallet integrated Ledger Live Wallet App. This app allows storing and managing cryptocurrencies in one place.

Security at Exmo

Exmo follows various guidelines and policies when it comes to account security. The company exhibits strict Anti-money Laundering (AML) and Counterterrorist financing (CTF). Thus protecting the digital currency against cybercrimes and also eliminate the risk of volatility. The wallets are secured offline and it encrypts the data on servers. There is also protection against DDoS.

Is Exmo Reliable?

Users consider EXMO exchange as a safe platform to buy/trade cryptocurrencies. There was a DDOS hack attempt in 2017, but coins were not stolen. Exmo has strengthened its authorization. EXMO also provides 2FA (Two-factor authentication) to prevent unauthorized access. It also allows the users to add the list of trusted IP addresses to their account for better protection. And, the system will notify the user immediately if the login is made using any other devices.

EXMO Future Plans:

EXMO released a whitepaper in July 2019 stating its future plans. According to the paper, these are the enhancements listed. However, no proper time is set for these EXMO plans.

  • Margin Trading
  • Complex Orders
  • Mobile App


The EXMO exchange is convenient, safe, and easy to use, supports more than 12 interface languages and, what is very important, works with 6 Fiat currencies and different payment systems worldwide. Users often safely recommend using this exchange for trading and for additional earnings with cashback and affiliate programs. 

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