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    About Cryptopia

    Cryptopia is a New Zealand based exchange that deals in crypto fronts. The company started in November 2014. Cryptopia was initially a mining platform where users can use this mining pool to earn bitcoins. Users can use from CPU’s to GPU’s to mine crypto coins. Now the platform has expanded in several verticals and supports trading and exchange along with mining pools.

    The major aim of cryptopia is to make crypto currency available to everyone. This platform provides convenience to its users with mining pools, a crypto market place and exchange service all in one platform. In the case of an exchange, a user can use this platform to pay bills or buy anything from the crypto market place. The user can also simply collect the virtual coins.

    Features of Cryptopia Exchange

    The company offers affiliate programs. The user can participate individually or become an affiliate on a company’s behalf and partner with Cryptopia. In return, the user can earn Bitcoin by referring and recommending this platform.

    Cryptopia has a market place where a user can sell anything with no geographical constraints using crypto currency. The market place provides from electronics, books to fashion clothing, furniture, and video games. The users can make payments through cryptocurrency. Most of the currencies are listed for the payment.

    Cryptopia also has its own coin called DOT coins which work on the scrypt algorithm. Every single transaction that occurs on cryptopia is through this coin.

    There is also a feature for developers on cryptopia. Both public and private API’s are available on this platform. A developer could integrate this platform to develop his own applications.

    For further assistance, cryptopia provides chat assistance to its users. There is also an email ID where users can write their queries to cryptopia regarding trading, exchange or opening a new account.

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    How to register a new account on cryptopia?


    In order to register a new account on cryptopia, log on to website. The user can then click on the tab “register”. Enter the details such as username, email ID and create a password. Then click on “I agree to T&C”. A verification link goes to the user’s registered email ID. The link has to be verified before login.

    Paytopia is a payment platform on cryptopia. A user can buy the services that are provided on this platform. One of the services is the cryptopia authenticator, which enables two-factor authentication. Other services are listing combo, exchange list, lotto game, featured currency, tip slot, and reward slot. All these services can be bought either using DOT coins or NDZT.


    Exchange at Cryptopia/Cryptopia Trading

    For exchange services, a user can get a complete market analysis by using different tools. A user can select the market such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. There is a list of top markets, which shows the trading pair and their volumes. A list of the market summary is also available with 24-hour trading volume. After analyzing the best market, a user can place an open order and check history for all the previous orders.

    Arbitrage and lotto at Cryptopia

    The user can analyze the markets, once he figures out a difference two or more markets, a deal can be made. This difference in the price of the market shall bring profit margins to the user.

    A user can also earn rewards by performing various tasks such as trading, inserting mining shares, finding blocks, tipping, voting and chatting. The reward could be given in any currency for any amount.

    A user could also try luck with lotto. The tickets are available online and the first second and third price is declared in terms of cryptocurrency.

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