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Coinsecure is a platform that allows Bitcoin trading and exchange. The company is registered in India by the name Secure Bitcoin Traders Pvt. Ltd. The motto of Coinsecure is “connecting India to Bitcoin”. Mohit Kalra founded the company in 2014 with its headquarters in New Delhi. The Coinsecure has a team of passionate leaders who are digital or to be precise crypto enthusiast.


The company has ISO 9001:9008 certifications and is also a member of Nasscom. Coinsecure platform allows the user to trade in real time by analyzing the Bitcoin market. Learning the important aspects of Bitcoin trading, 24-hour trading volume and current market value helps in better evaluation.

The company has immense media coverage on several newspaper and journals such as The Eco Times (Bitcoin Magazine), Coin desk, Nasscom, Coin Telegraph, News BTC, Bitgive etc.

Features of Coinsecure exchange

Coinsecure provides an easy and convenient platform to its users for trading. The trading fee is very minimal and accounts for 0.3%. Coinsecure is also the first Indian exchange with the REST API. The trading engine is fast and works in real time. The platform provides security to the crypto currency with both hot and cold storage.

Most of the currency is stored in cold storage as it keeps the money secure from cyber crimes and eliminates the risk of volatility. Some of the currency is stored in hot wallet, which could be used for active trading and withdrawals.

Coinsecure follows Two-factor authentication (2fa). Under this process, the user can download Google authenticator on a device and scan the QR code of personal Coinsecure account. A 6-digit code goes to the registered mail ID or contact number as preferred by the user.

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Coinsecure relies on Blockchain technology, which is both robust and efficient and works in real-time. Coinsecure thus allows the user to search BTC public ledger. For strong security, Coinsecure ensures multiple validations at every point so that user can be sure of the traders who join the Coinsecure community.

Coinbase offers India’s first paper wallet. The minimum amount required to buy Bitcoin is 0.001 BTC and sell Bitcoin is 0.001 BTC. For payments, Coinsecure has tie up with three major banks i.e. ICICI, Axis bank, YES bank.

Coinsecure Application

Coinsecure has also launched its mobile application. The application is compatible on both Android and iOS based device. The mobile interface aims to give a delightful trading experience to its users by making it simple and easy to understand. There are multiple features on Coinsecure to assist the enthusiast with trading.

Trade execution such as buying and selling of Bitcoins would be based on order books. User can set a pin for security reasons. There is also a feature of navigating through previous transaction history.

The conversion INR to BTC and vice-versa is just a few clicks away. As far as the deposits and withdrawals are concerned, they occur in Indian rupee. The payments or any transaction through mobile application is fast and instant. Once the order is placed, the execution occurs immediately until there are any issues with customer’s KYC.

Coinsecure exchange in India

How to register a new account on Coinsecure?

In order to register a new account on Coinsecure, log on to . Enter all the details required such as username, email ID and password. A verification link goes to the email ID, which is essential for account confirmation. User will also have to complete the KYC before buying Bitcoins. Click on the tab “ Buy Bitcoins” under the trade box to place a purchase request.

Thus, Coinsecure offers a secure and trustworthy platform for trading and exchange of Bitcoins to the entire crypto currency enthusiast.

Registering account at consecure

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