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How CoinPulse Crypto Exchange Works and its Features ?

Want to know about CoinPulse Exchange ? How it works? So you are in a right place .Today we will explain you about CoinPulse Exchange Review.

Cryptocurrency exchanges have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. In fact, the top exchanges managing billions of dollars of transactions daily. making it an important part of the cryptocurrency industry today.

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In the year 2017,  total trading volume in cryptocurrency exchanges surpassed that of stock trades. A statistic that would’ve been unimaginable a few years back

Thankfully, several exchanges have come out in recent times from many bright minds and one of the companies set to rule the industry is CoinPulse exchange, a cryptocurrency exchange with a different approach on how exchanges are runned – in a good way.

Want to know about CoinPulse exchange?

How CoinPulse exchange trades?

So you are in a right place.

Today we will give you a detailed review of CoinPulse exchange

What is CoinPulse Exchange ?

CoinPulse describes itself as a “global digital currency trading platform.” Essentially, they aim to be a platform that provides information about the CPEX, BTC, ETH, and USDT markets. The data on their website displays the most received price, along with their volume on that database.

CoinPulse cryptocurrency exchange platform is based in Panama. It has Instant Exchange combining with an integrated dual exchange, for quick buy/sell orders.  There is Advanced Exchange for users who use the order book (Limit, Market, Stop/Stop-Limit and Trailing stop-loss). CoinPulse’s aim is to be a primary platform for asset trading & blockchain improvement.

The platform features are  secure wallets, user-friendly interface, fast & easy trade, referral programs, low fees, and excellent support

Recent Announcements

  • BKU Trading Competition Winners Announced!
  • CoinPulse in affiliation with Rupee Team has launched  “RUP Trading Competition” on CoinPulse Exchange platform!

How CoinPulse Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange Works?

Consumers can sell, buy, swap, and exchange on the website directly, which makes the entire process easy.  CoinPulse CPEX token is an ERC20 built on Ethereum Exchange. Hence, it provides the users with the facility to access all the information. When you buy, you can choose to limit, stop, or instantly submit the order.  This is where you have to just provide the type of currency which you want to exchange it for. They will maintain it in a separate user’s wallet.

In terms of the type of orders available, CoinPulse’s automated Trailing Stop-Loss orders give the platform an edge and hence offers the industry-standard order types.

The Trailing Stop-Loss order type gives investors an understanding to use stop limits that automatically modified according to the asset’s change in price. A feature that is the first of its kind in the industry.

Eventually, as the CoinPulse platform is based around the community, it will add new tokens and coins to the platform every month based on votes by the community which will benefit users as well as new cryptocurrencies.

Aside from trading coins, the CoinPulse team puts in so much effort in improving other aspects such as security and customer support as they are important features of a successful cryptocurrency exchange.

Customer service-wise, overall,  CoinPulse looks for best customer service teams available to help users with their queries and concerns.

What makes the CoinPulse customer service different is that the team will be trained to not only assist users with the platform but also to help newcomers with cryptocurrencies and trading.

CoinPulse has minimum fees attached to transactions in the platform but users can use the CPEX token, the platform’s official utility token, to receive privileges such as discounts on trading fees.

Features of Coinpulse Exchange Platform

Coinpulse focuses more on their security – CoinPulse has security measures such as two-factor authentication, KYC processes, multi-signature wallets, as well as using cold storage systems to help keep funds of the platform’s users safe and secure.

Use CPEX token for discount up to 70% –  cpex tokens can be used for transaction and in return, you will receive substantial (70%) discount on transaction fee.

Exchange assets up to 90% are held in cold storage –  even if security measures fail, there will only be 10% loss as coinpulse stores 90% of their assets in cold storage.


Initially, to perform the transactions, you must register on the website directly,

1) Go to the official website and click the “Register” tab on the upper right corner.

  2) Enter your name, email address, and password for the personal account.

If your email address is valid, you will get a verification link. After confirming your account, you can manage your profile and funds. Also, you can begin trading and much more. It’s fast, simple and easy.

Click on a register which will ask for some essential login details to enroll. However, you can manage your profile details after login. You can also view the announcements on a drop-down tab that will take you to the applicable page.

Service Closure Notice

The exchange posted a notice on Feb 1, 2019; stating that the service will be closed down for indefinite maintainence.

However, the exchange has still not resumed the services even after whole year. It can be said that Coinpulse is one of the classic example of Ponzi scheme.


Overall, CoinPulse is for those users who have a good knowledge of how the system works with trading. And it does not need to add another platform for their tokens. While the information can be overwhelming to analyze for a newbie, an experienced user will be able to get everything they need from a single website. The coinpulse platform is user-friendly as it makes trading easy for the user.

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