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Coindeal Exchange – Complete Review of the Malta-Based Exchange

Everything You Need To Know About Coindeal Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchanges are growing day by day making the digital currency market more competitive. As these platforms offer users to trade coins between them, it is their duty to provide top safety to protect their users from hackers. One such platform is CoinDeal Exchange, which provides top-notch security to its users. So lets us look more about this platform in this Coindeal Review.

Coindeal Review

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What is CoinDeal?

CoinDeal is a cryptocurrency exchange platform which came into existence in March 2018 in Malta. The exchange was founded by Adam Bicz, Filip Dzierżak, and Kajetan Maćkowiak. Moreover, the exchange has already gained a lot of popularity in the global market. Also, the exchange had been placed among the best cryptocurrency exchanges in the world with a volume of $14,527,846. Additionally, 68th position goes to Coindeal Coinmarketcap.

The team consists of passionate crypto enthusiasts who strive to create a modern, disruptive blockchain technology. Moreover the exchange offer a variety of coins and best coins in the crypto world.

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Key Features

Native SegWit address support: Unlike other platforms, coindeal allows depositing funds on Bech32 address. The exchange is contributing to lightning Bitcoin network and doing everything to make your resources safer and transactions quicker.

Many cryptocurrencies: CoinDeal introduces new cryptos systematically based on the community’s feedback.

100% uptime: The platform service is fully operational 24/7. Users can be sure they will have open access to their money all the time. Moreover, the exchange ensures users to be up to date with the best opportunities the market may bring you.

Ultimate transparency. You don’t have to worry about lack of funds to make payouts. Coindeal secures your payouts by having a contribution in cryptocurrencies. You can check the account balance of our cryptocurrency exchange platform anytime you want.

Real-time auditing:  Coindeal does time checks to make sure that every coin is in the right place. Without the risk of double funds.

Company accounts: They have offered separate accounts for corporate and private users.

24/7 Support: CoinDeal has 24/7 professional support which is always ready to answer your questions.

CoinDeal Trade

Coindeal Trade is very easy. You can deposit and withdraw Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash,  Litecoin, Dash, Quantum, Bytcoin, Ripple, Nano,  Verge, Lisk, Futurocoin, Infinity Economics, DraftCoin, DeepOnion, StrongHands, and also Experience Points, X12, BitcoinToken, Electra, Monero, Dogecoin, Tron, SLT, EOS,  Electroneum, Privacy, LBRY Credits, Safex Cash, Bitcoin SV,  Global Cryptocurrency.

coindeal trade

To deposit cryptocurrency, you need to go to “Wallets” page and then select the currency you wish to transfer by selecting ‘plus’ icon next to the appropriate wallet. Furthermore, Choose Deposit option and copy the cryptocurrency address. Similarly to Withdraw funds, click the ‘minus’  icon next to the appropriate wallet and provide the correct address to withdraw.

Furthermore, To trade, click ‘market’ – > choose the pair you wish to trade. Then enter the price and quantity and click buy/sell.

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Fiat trading

CoinDeal observed that many crypto exchangers do not offer support for fiat-to-crypto trading, so the exchange decided to offer its users to trade from fiat with the crypto-coin of their choice.

This makes easy to trade for those that do not have crypto holdings. Also, they will not need to purchase or exchange bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to perform trades on CoinDeal; they can simply deposit their Euros to purchase cryptos. Currently, the only fiat currency available on the platform is Euro, but other currencies will be added soon.

CoinDeal Fees and Security


CoinDeal offers trading fees of 0.3% for the market creator and 0.4% for market taker, for all pairs. However, the deposits in all financial standards, including the EUR, are free. In addition, The withdrawal fee for BTC is 0.0008 BTC, and for the rest 0.01 is required, for each similar coin. The withdrawal fee is EUR 9 for euro, regardless of the amount of the withdrawal.


One of the most aspect of this Coindeal review is security. the exchange’s top priority is security. The platform is secured by most advanced SSL standard possible, together with Cloudflare security features.

Usually, for withdrawals, users are protected by complex password requirements and using different IP logins, 2FA, and email confirmations.

Moreover, CoinDeal stores 90% of your funds in the cold wallet protected by Multi-signature.

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Final Verdict

To summarize the CoinDeal Review, this exchange that puts great importance on security, quick transaction times, and easy trading through a user-friendly interface.CoinDeal looks more promising, as it offers fiat trading also.

Overall, the Exchange is user-friendly, more options to trade and user account are highly secured.

Latest updates and announcements

  • Nov 12, 2019: CoinDeal Exchange launched its own native token, CDL. This token was given free of charge to the exchange account holders. 
  • Nov 8, 2019: Coindeal Exchange launches new OTC trading process and mobile app for over 350,000 global CoinDeal users
  • Sep 9, 2019: The exchange made fiat deposits of Euro (EUR), Dollar (USD), British pound (GBP), Polish zloty (PLN), Swiss franc (CHF) free. 

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coindeal exchange


Over all









  • fiat trading available
  • variety of altcoins
  • Highly secured and verification
  • Solid platform


  • No anonymity
  • No leverage
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