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About BTC100

BTC100 is a digital currency exchange platform. Its headquarters is in Beijing and is currently operated by Beijing Bit 100 Technology Co. Ltd. The platform was first launched in the year 2013.


Since then the website has been updated with new features for better user experience. The website is in the Chinese language. Hence, Google translator can be used for the English version. This platform is purely dedicated to the digital enthusiast. The website is safe, efficient and has various features for dedicated traders.

Trading at BT100

The team of BTC100 is highly efficient and has experience with immense domain knowledge. A dedicated team of professionals has designed and developed this exchange platform for traders.

The various currencies available for crypto trading on BTC100 are Bitcoin, Leigh, Dog, CEC, Kent, Korean, Star, Avalanche, and Calligraphy. The transaction fee is different for all the currencies. The range of these currencies varies from 0.1%-0.5%.

Since digital asset is subjected to more breaches and criminal activity such as bugs and viruses, there are several levels of security required for crypto safety. Thus, Bit 100 takes several measures to

BTC100 has also recently made an official announcement that it shall not accept cash deposits in Chinese Yuan for buying Bitcoins. This affected the market value of cryptocurrency, as flat currency was one of the major buying sources. The company also conducts several activities such as taking feedback and suggestions from its user and share rewards in return.

A User can list a particular feature or share a suggestion, which can help in improving the company’s functioning. If BTC100 selects a feedback, the user shall earn rewards.

Thus, BTC100 conveys to its users that they are providing a free trading but efficient platform for its users, where users can earn big profits in the international market.

How to setup a BTC100 account?

 A user can easily sign up for a new BTC100 account. Before signing in, there are a series of instructions given to the user regarding precautions, tips, and risks involved in trading of digital currency. A user shall read the specific instructions carefully since volatility is the major issue in the digital currency. Click on I agree to Terms & Conditions to move to the main registration window.

At the first level of Registration, the user has to enter his phone number. A code verifies the same. A User can activate an SMS verification during registration. The User can set a login password with minimum 6 and maximum 8 characters. It must contain two special characters.

Trading at BTC100

Under the tab “trading hall” a user can trade on its choice of currency. There is a list of crypto given with its current market value. The currencies available for trading are Bitcoin, Litecoin, CEC, Star money, Emerald, and British Coin etc.

How API works in BTC100?

 BTC100 has set protocol for an interface. To construct a data request, the user develops a signature, which then goes to BTC100 via the program. The program follows the protocol set by BTC100 for a successful interaction. Once constructed, the data request goes via form POST submission.

When BTC100 receives the data from the user it checks and processes it. The data comes back to the user via JSON format. The user receives the result and later his account is verified for security. The API coordinates with assure that is secure.

Thus, In this era of digital currency, BTC100 is one of the many crypto exchanges available that provide convenience and trading tools to traders for a better experience. BTC100 is both secure and user-friendly for users.

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