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BitcoinToYou is a platform, which provides brokerage services for Bitcoins. The company has its headquarters in Acre, the capital city of Brazil. The company was founded by Thiago Lourenco and Andre Horta.

Started in 2010, BitcoinToYou has approximately on boarded 1,50,000 customers on its platforms. Being almost 8 years in the industry, it has established a great trust with its customers.

Features of BitcoinToYou

BitcoinToYou has a fast trading engine, which processes the transactions instantly. The Interface is user-friendly and easy to use. A user can use a Google translator to change the Brazilian language to English. It accepts payments through Internet banking thus making it convenient for users to buy/sell Bitcoins.

Bitcoin is a digital asset that works on Blockchain technology. A Bitcoin can either be mined or they can be purchased against the traditional currency. Every Bitcoin transaction is added to a public ledger. Thus, it maintains transparency with its users.

On this particular platform, Bitcoin, the digital asset is traded against the Brazilian traditional currency BRL. There is no crypto-to-crypto exchange option available though. Thus, it can be rightly said that BitcoinToYou is a sort of medium through which people can learn and get to know more about Bitcoin and other digital currency. The company is giving an exposure to more people thus, commercializing Bitcoin.

The platform of BitcoinToYou is automatic. A user can easily send Bitcoins to anybody and anytime. The benefits of these digital platforms are based on their spectacular features. The transaction fee is minimal and they are not geographically bound. The company also provides a live chat option to the customers where they can raise their queries regarding the market value of the digital currency, investment plans, 24-hour trading volumes etc.

BitcoinToYou has a mobile application thus making the technology handier. It runs on both Android and iOS. A new account registration is free but bank details should be valid for the same. There is also a feature of Bitcoin calculator to provide convenience to the user. The platform has a fair amount of coverage on some great media platforms such as CBN, info money, REUTERS BRASIL, etc.

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How to setup a new BitcoinToYou account?

In order to set up a new account, a user can log on to The user can either sign up with a Facebook or Gmail account or simply enter a few details as required. Enter the name, Email ID, and password and click on register. A verification link goes to the registered email ID. The user needs to go through verification link to log in successfully.

Account security at BitcoinToYou

This exchange has a feature of two-factor authentication. A user can add an extra level of security by enabling 2fa. A user can download Google authenticator, then scan the QR code of BitcoinToYou account and sync them. Thus, every time a user tries to log in, a digit auto-generated code goes to the user’s email. A user can enter this code to validate the account and start with trading or exchange.

Support at BitcoinToYou

A user can reach the support team of BitcoinToYou on Monday between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM while on Saturday they are available between 8:00 PM to 12:00 PM. There is also a support email ID The user can send their queries and request for solutions regarding the exchange.

Buy/Sell at BitcoinToYou

A user can either place an order to buy Bitcoins or sell them on the same platform. Select the required amount and register the purchase order. A negotiation panel is present on the right-hand side that displays the current purchase and sales orders.

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