About Allcoin Exchange

Allcoin is an exchange platform for the digital currency. Cascadia Electronics Corporation looks after the Allcoin operations. The prototype of Allcoin was developed in 2013 but its first beta version was released by its team in Feb 2016. Its ultimate goal is to provide a platform where all the crypto coins can be traded such as Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. The major significance of Allcoin is that it is the first listed blockchain asset in the industry of exchanges.

The company has its headquarters in Canada and is listed on Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) with the stock code as CK. This cryptocurrency exchange is registered and supervised by FINTRAC (Financial Transaction and Report Analysis Center of Canada) for legal and all formal operations regarding exchanges.

Features of Allcoin

Allcoin is ranked among the top 40 companies for 24 hrs. trading volume. The website has two language versions English and Chinese. The top trading combinations are BTC/USD, GAME/USD & Qtum/USD. BTC/USD is the most popular trading combo and accounts for 80% of the trading volume.

GAME/ USD is Gaming credits in combination with USD that can be traded. Besides Allcoin, Bittrex and Poloniex allow GAME trading. Qtum is a company that provides Qtum equity tokens for exchange. Qtum partnered with Allcoin and started Qtum trading in June 2017. GAME/USD & Qtum/USD accounts for 10% of the trading volume. Currently, there are only two exchanges that allow the option of buy and sell for Qtum i.e. Allcoin and Yuanbao.

It has recently introduced the trading of Sigma coins on its platform. The currency was introduced on 4 July 2017. Allcoin is also a platform that has introduced the unique currencies, which are not available on other exchanges such as NBC, BGC, EDR, and A0101. The trade occurs between these currencies and Bitcoin.

Thus, it provides a user-friendly and reliable platform for the crypto enthusiast to trade.

How to setup an Allcoin Account?

 In order to trade crypto, a user can set up a new account on here. Go to Click on “Account” tab where a new window opens. Enter mobile number and captcha code then click on “Send SMS”. A 6-digit SMS code is sent to the number, which is valid up to 5 minutes. Set an appropriate password with minimum 6 and maximum of 20 characters. Then click on “I agree to Terms & Conditions”. Once the mobile number is verified, the home page opens. The Home page has information on the 24-hours trading volume of BTC, ETH, and USD and also the total number of the transaction.

How to setup an Allcoin Account?
How to trade on Allcoin?

Trading at this platform is simple and the interface is easy to use. Click on “My Account” tab available on home page. A new window opens up with many options on the left panel such as My Asset, My Transactions, Order Management, My Trades, Account Security, and Verification etc. Click on “My Asset” tab to see the list of cryptocurrency available for trading. A user can either Deposit/Withdraw the currency or simply trade.

How to trade on Allcoin?

Under “My Trade tab” a user see previous trades by selecting the trading pair from the drop-down menu.

My Trade tab in Allcoin Exchange

Under the “Verification” tab there are two verification levels i.e. Primary and Secondary. For Primary verification, mobile number is verified while an account is registered. For secondary verification, Email ID, Address, ID card, Passport photo is verified.

Verification Allcoin Exchange

A user can also send an invite by clicking on “My invitation”. The Link is available which a user can copy and send to the invitees. Thus, Allcoin is an advanced but an easy platform for all types users whether they are hard-core tech geeks or simple traders.

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