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We help you List your Cryptocurrency / token on CEX and DEX ! At coinpedia, we look for coins that have high community demand, innovations to digital currency, or a contribution to science and technology.

Exchange Listing Service

Exchange Listing Services

If you recently launched a token and are looking for a reputable platform to promote your token, then we are here to help you and aid you in growing your virtual currency to the spotlight. Although, you have an active community of users who are eager to be given trading opportunities. But, to offer liquidity to your users, you first need to get your token listed on an exchange. Moreover, this can be a complex, time consuming and often difficult process if you don’t have the connections and technical know-how.

We Can help you list your token on exchanges and Decentralized exchanges.

Procedure to get listed on exchanges and Decentralized exchanges.

Getting a token listed on an exchange seems a complex process but with well-planned actions, it can be quite simple. Every exchange has different criteria in terms of what tokens/coins they accept. Thus, it’s necessary to understand which exchanges are worth considering for your token at this point in your project's timeline. If you’re not listed on an exchange yet, the first best step is to look for exchanges that have a track record of listing new tokens that are similar to yours. We do all of this work for you.

How Much Does a Token Listing Cost?

The price of getting listed on exchanges varies depending on several criteria. There are many free exchanges, exchanges that require only community upvoting, decentralized exchanges, exchange protocols, and exchanges that require payment in BTC or ETH. We help you to get listed on the exchanges that are best for your token. At the same time, we execute in actionable steps to continue getting listed on exchanges in the future.

Coinpedia Exchange Listing Service

CoinPedia is one of the most reputable and most established coin listing platforms across the globe. We have worked on huge projects, thus, we understand the hurdles that new projects face. We promote your Tokens and Coins via Marketing in Social Media and help in spreading information about the coin on various platforms. Coinpedia have a well-experienced team and exchange connections to help make this process of getting listed on exchanges quick and easy!

An exchange listing service

Coinpedia offers a great coin marketing opportunity to bring your Token/ Coin spotlight.We promote your Coin via Marketing and help in spreading information about the coin in various platforms.

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