World Blockchain Forum New York City -2019

NEW YORK CITY, May 20, 2019 /WBF/ – World Blockchain Forum Corp. (WBF) is dedicated to promoting and
accelerating innovations and developments within the blockchain industry in Asia, U.S., and beyond.

The “New York 2019 & World Blockchain Awards” event, hosted by WBF, will take place in New York at the
Altman Building on September 27 and 28, 2019.

Expected to bring over 1,500 attendees, the two-day conference will bring together leaders and experts from audit & assurance, regulation, investment banking, research, and blockchain companies, startups and media to discuss blockchain technologies implementation and practices in various industries, including Ernst & Young, Grayscale Investments, Pythagoras Investment Management, Digital Asset, DMS Governance, Celsius Network, Fordham University, Cadence, Wachsman, and

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