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Ethereum Price Could Smash $50K and Solana Price $4K, But How & When?


    Ethereum price which is an inch close to clinch $4k is assumed to be on the foot of the mountain with the peak at $50,000

    Solana price resembles a giant rally of 2017and hence if everything sets in place, then the price could hit $4K in the next 3 years

    If Ethereum price and Solana price hits $50K & $4K resp, then the Bitcoin price could range beyond expectations

The number of global investors in crypto has surpassed 100 million this year.  This comes after bitcoin and many altcoins surged with a good margin. Many crypto assets are on the verge to hit their ATH for the second consecutive time in the same year. And amid the bull rally and other factors, it can be speculated that Etherum price can hit $50K & Solana price $4K soon. But how?

Let’s get back to 2017, where Bitcoin’s price was at $3800 and ETH was trading at $180. Surprisingly, the current ETH price is trading at 2017’s BTC’s price. And SOL is trading at ETH’s price, which was 3 years ago. Well, with some historical and roadmap insights of ETH and SOL in the next three years they have got the potential to set new bars like BTC

2017 was the trademark year for Bitcoin as the price almost surged 1700% from $1724 to $17408. This is mostly because most prominent crypto exchanges made their way to the crypto market. With unique features such as Staking, futures trading, and more. In addition to this, there was a huge rise in institutional investments. Also, BTC closed the year with a $336 billion market cap. And hence a similar uptrend could be in place for the Ethereum price. 

Ethereum Price Rally More Stronger Than Bitcoin

It is a known fact that ETH price does follow the BTC price trend right from the start. And hence during the 2017 bull run, the price gained nearly the same price percentage jump. Yet in recent times, the ETH rally has gained immense momentum which resulted in a 3x percentage jump compared to bitcoin. 


The current bull run proved to be stronger for the ETH than the BTC as the former rallied nearly 1730% compared to that of BTC with a 400% jump. And hence increasing the possibility of a huge uptrend awaiting in coming days. 

On the other hand, Solana price which is hovering currently around $190 also resembles ETH’s price in the 2017-18 bull run. And hence as ETH, SOL price could also gain a 4-digit figure in the coming 3-4 years. Solana’s future projects on on-chain governance & GitHub projects and the upcoming giant ETH 2.0 may plant life in the expected rally. 

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