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Have you tried all the online betting sites but are not satisfied by the winning prizes on offer especially when you are an avid user of cryptocurrency like bitcoin? If yes, then Onehash is one such place that you must explore as it offers huge reward and fair play option. Onehash is based out of Poland and was established in 2015, to change the face of the online betting specifically for bitcoin users.


Initially, it didn’t get the response the owners were looking for, but gradually, the people seemed to be intrigued by the revolutionary concept of the bitcoin,a virtual currency. With a decent range of games and rewards on display, it soon became one of the leading platforms for online betting via bitcoins. One of the biggest reason for Onehash betting’s,unparalleled success is that it takes only 5% of the total revenues and rest of the cut is distributed among the winners in all the segments of the gaming. Incredible isn’t it!

Some of the essential assets of Onehash are:

Onehash Betting

Betting at onehash is extremely affordable and convenient to play. The decent variety of games encourages the players to bet on numerous gambling events. Onehash betting includes segments like real sports, Esports, and crypto games as well. This betting site is one of the most convenient and money-spinning platforms available in the online betting segment.

Onehash Bonus Policy

Onehash provides the bonus to the new customers to enhance a friendly bond with the users. But, the deposits can only be accessed within the regulations of the site. Referral bonus is also rewarded for any referred customer, which keeps the ‘players on their toes’ while playing the game. Bitcoin rewards are consistently deposited into the accounts of regular customers.

Onehash Bitcoin Betting

Bitcoins are far more effective than the real money as far as online betting is concerned. The more revenue appears through the bonuses and winning prizes. Also, the bitcoins can be multiplied to huge numbers on such platforms where odds are constantly fluctuating. Crypto games, Esports can accumulate a decent amount of revenues through Onehash bitcoin betting. Easy to access games like dice and goal can create a liking for new customers, bitcoins will be generated into your account.

Onehash Affiliate Program

This policy includes all the privileges on offer for the players. Decent amount of virtual currency is put into your account weekly, and incase of any inconvenience the customer service solves them through calling or net chat 24/7. Referral bonus are also available through other customers. As the majority of the revenues are distributed among the players, huge benefits can be reaped through the game winnings. Onehash affiliate program aims to enhance the productivity of betting on the website.


As so many players are engaged constantly on the site, sometimes the server stops responding, which makes the site pretty awkward to access. The use of cryptocurrency makes it difficult for real money players to access the site. The winning transactions are carried out after a long time as compared to other sites. There is no live betting on this platform which extracts out thrill factor from the betting site. This site has tied up with very few banks, which forces many enthusiasts to boycott it.

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