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Hey, Welcome Again to QD’s Blog! Today ‘s guide shares my views on Netshare investment platform.


About Company Registrations – Netshare.co

The domain Netshare has registered on 4th October 2017. Present Alexa ranking counts 132548 (As on 17th August 2017) with visibility among 5 countries including US, Italy, Canada, France and the Czech Republic.

About Netshare

The Company is based in UK, headquarters located at City House. Netshare investment firm is a fully registered investment company with several efficacious business directions ranging from multi-currency trading in the era of cryptocurrency.

Netshare believe on 3 things – strategic planning, market monitoring, tracking & analyzing the trade.

The company is highly supporting the fintech start-ups and states, it possesses easy payment processes, supports user save money, promote financial planning and eventually making an industry advancing. It further focuses on evaluating new private businesses (start-ups) thus consist of financial analysts, market traders, programmers, professional managers, experts and internet marketers.

The website is simple with two stands in front of the page- “Buy Nshare, start to earn” and the other one is presenting an overview of an affiliate program.

About Company Registrations - Netshares

Participants of NetShare- who can participate?

Netshare welcomes participant from any country. Anyone can participate here.

How can a person be a member of Netshare?

A person can be a Netshare member by signing up to free account. He/she can further become an investor and earn a profit. They can also register multiple accounts in the program. At the time of registration, Username and password will be provided to login further. With the given password and username, he can have access to his account and edit the personal information. However, he cannot modify e-wallet and email id (sice company disable it for security reasons). Though, the participant can contact its team via support for such changes (if any) with their security answer.

How a person can be a member of Netshare?

Security at NetShare:

The security and privacy features are protected by SSL and the participation is strictly confidential.

Investment and Funding

In order to invest with Netshare, a person has to first register a new account. Once after registering, he has to opt an investment plan and should make a deposit at least 0.01 BTC via payment modes available. It accepts Payment only in Bitcoin.

Netshare is now available with a low deposit of 0.01BTC minimum and surging up to 2BTC maximum for a single deposit and on basis of your investment plan. A participant can further verify amount balance (as to maximum and minimum of his account) via his account menu “Make Deposit”.

Cost for providing investment service

Though Company is not charging any fees for any transaction but you will be liable for payment processors with receiving fees. And the company has no control over this charge.

Cost for providing investment service

Deposits and Withdrawals:

Furthermore, within few hours the deposit will be added to your account if the payment is made using BTC. However, a person can also make various deposit simultaneously by snapping “Make Deposit”, Select “Deposit” from “Account Balance” button.

Depends on the blockchain confirmation, withdrawals request will begin and many take up to 30 hours. However, Delay may arise due to unstable operation of payment system or if there is any maintenance activity goes on the website. The reason for delay could also be due to incorrect or missing e-currency account number.

Company offers minimum withdrawal amount limit is only 0.01BTC and there is no limit as to maximum amount.

Deposits and Withdrawals:

Referral Program of Netshare

A Face Off On The Future of Cross-Border Payments- Ripple and Swift

Beside investment service, Company also offers Affiliate/referral program. The plan lets user earn Netshare depends on the various plan company has. As soon as the commission is earned, it will be added to user’s account balance. However, e-currency used to make the deposit will be used further to withdraw referral bonus.

A Face Off On The Future of Cross-Border Payments- Ripple and Swift

Netshare uses auto process to calculate referral of individual account and as such if any person singed up using referral, company will treat the new investor as your referral.

To know more about plans, visit here: https://www.netshare.co/plan.php

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