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As of now, the official website redirects to a game site. The MasterCoin Plus was definitely a Ponzi scam. Its services are terminated as we write. Also, no updates are occuring in the social media.

Master Coin Plus is a Bitcoin investment scheme that promises to offer you free Bitcoins in exchange for sponsoring other members.


Domain Registration Details- Master Coin Plus

Domain Name: www.mastercoinplus.com


Registrant Name: Thomas Armour

Registration Date: 2017-06-29

Updated Date: 2018-06-29

Expiration Date: 2017-07-01

Behind Master Coin Plus

The official website of the company claims that Thomas Armour is the CEO of this MLM Company. But the company refused to provide the details of the CEO.

Overall, I can say there is no specific information about why he is eligible to run this business and what kind of experience having to operate it.

About Master Coin Plus

Master Coin Plus is online at mastercoinplus.com and seems to be another multilevel marketing style Bitcoin investment scheme. Affiliates can earn money for free by simply investing hundreds of dollars in the company.

In fact, the company promises that affiliates can earn money within a period of 120 days. The company does not sell any services and products. The only aim of the company is to recruit new affiliates. Affiliates can earn money by recruiting new affiliates to the scheme.

It was reported that the company is looking same as other MLM scams. This type of companies tries to entice newbie investors with promises of free money. Most of the company take the money and disappear.


Affiliates need to pay to join Master Coin Plus. Registration fee ranges from 0.0625 to 32 Bitcoins which is based on the price of the Bitcoin from July 2017.

After joining the scheme, affiliates can have access to “simple, proven, profitable” plan to “increase you Bitcoin in 120 days or less.”

The company also roughly states that they process Bitcoin mining operations and Bitcoin ATMs to boost their profits.

The main strategy of the Master Coin Plus is to buy and sell the same coin for several times in a day. By using this strategy company claims to earn a profit of “90+% of the time”.

Pricing Plans

Master Coin Plus provides 10 different types of packages which satisfy the affiliates. The pricing packages look like:

  1. 0625 – BTC Package 1
  • Promises ROI with 120 days
  • 7% Binary Earnings
  • 15 BTC daily Max
  • 3 BTC Monthly Max
  1. 125 – BTC Package 2
  • Promises ROI with 120 days
  • 8% Binary Earnings
  • 25 BTC daily Max
  • 7 BTC Monthly Max
  1. 25 – BTC Package 3
  • Promises ROI with 120 days
  • 9% Binary Earnings
  • 5 BTC daily Max
  • 15 BTC Monthly Max
  1. 5 – BTC Package 4
  • Promises ROI with 120 days
  • 10% Binary Earnings
  • 1 BTC daily Max
  • 30 BTC Monthly Max
  1. 1 – BTC Package 5
  • Promises ROI with 120 days
  • 12% Binary Earnings
  • 2 BTC daily Max
  • 60 BTC Monthly Max
  1. 2 – BTC Package 6
  • Promises ROI with 120 days
  • 14% Binary Earnings
  • 4 BTC daily Max
  • 120 BTC Monthly Max
  1. 4 – BTC Package 7
  • Promises ROI with 120 days
  • 16% Binary Earnings
  • 8 BTC daily Max
  • 240 BTC Monthly Max
  1. 8 – BTC Package 8
  • Promises ROI with 120 days
  • 18% Binary Earnings
  • 16 BTC daily Max
  • 480 BTC Monthly Max
  1. 16 – BTC Package 9
  • Promises ROI with 120 days
  • 19% Binary Earnings
  • 32 BTC daily Max
  • 960 BTC Monthly Max
  1. 32 – BTC Package 8
  • Promises ROI with 120 days
  • 20% Binary Earnings
  • 64 BTC daily Max
  • 1920 BTC Monthly Max

The highest plan is the 32 BTC package, but the most expensive plan is only available on the website is the 8 BTC package.

Cost to Join Master Coin Plus

Affiliates need to invest in the range from 0.0625 BTC to 32 BTC to be the part of the company.

Verdict on Master coin Plus

Master Coin Plus promises to generate an ROI within 120 days from affiliate’s investment through cryptocurrency mining. But company fails to provide information about such mining is done here.

The only source of the company’s income is through the investment of recruited new affiliates.

Ultimately, Master Coin Plan doesn’t sell any product or services and no sufficient information about the company is available on the internet.

Company website:  www.mastercoinplus.com

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