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Kryptogenex Review: An Honest Review On How It Works?


Recently, while I was having a conversation with my friend, I came across a company named “Kryptogenex”. After complete research on the company, I have gathered relevant details about Kryptogenex which will help you to make a wise decision.


Come let me drive you through what I have found in my research….

Kryptogenex Review


What is Kryptogenex?

The Kryptogenex is a simple step-by-step video training system that will educate the world into the cryptocurrency space.  Further, the company website doesn’t give you any information on who owns the company, where is it based in, when was it founded or anything.

So, after deep research on the website domain, it is revealed that the company was privately registered on January 16th, 2018.  A video on a YouTube says its co-founders are Stephen McCullough, Jeramie, Kathy Keen, Will Fjetland and Mike Boggs. Before this company, Stephen McCullough was one among the co-founders of SkyBiz.

This site promotes the provision of comprehensive training program that deals with Bitcoin investment. As the days pass by, everyone is showing more and more interest to know Bitcoin, mining and blockchain. McCullough is hitting the target at the right time. 

The stock brokers are also interested in this New World Order dominated by volatile digital currency. There are many rumors popping into the crypto world. For instance, Swedish Government plans to launch eKrona, which is the world’s first digital currency backed by the State/Central Bank. Eventually these are all rumors to encourage people to enter the crypto industry. 

Kryptogenex – Products

The company is promoting a learning toolset that claims to teach everything related to bitcoin and cryptocurrency. This company offers a customer purchase that costs $250 for cryptocurrency and bitcoin training. This is the only product that Kryptogenex offers. 

Kryptogenex –  Compensation Plan

To join the company, you’ll need to pay $250 for the education toolset and then $50/year to maintain your membership status.  According to the company’s compensation plan, affiliates earn cash for selling the education suite to both retail customers and other affiliates.

Additionally, Kryptogenex pays an extra $25 for every $250 product sold to retail customers.  The Exciting part is, when you sell 100 retail memberships, you have a chance to own latest MacBook Pro.

All payments within Kryptogenex are handled via bitcoin.

Final verdict

By becoming a paid member, you can access the tools of Kryptogenex, but there are other firms that are offering similar tools without any membership. The information is at your fingertips if you look for it. So which would you prefer?

Latest Updates:

As we write, the website kryptogenex.com cannot be opened. There is no updates even on social media regarding this service. I’ll keep researching and update this article as and when any updates are confirmed.

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