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iGoCrypto Review: A Good Opportunity To Earn Crypto


Recently, iGoCrypto has been making a lot of buzz in the network marketing circles.


With all this hype, I am sure you might have heard a lot iGoCrypto from your friends in your social media feeds.

I tried to gather all the information about iGoCrypto in my iGoCrypto Review in order to help  make a wise decision about joining iGoCrypto.

Is iGoCrypto legit or a scam? Will you able to earn profit?

Let me discuss you in my unbiased review of iGoCrypto.

Read on to find out what you need to know.

iGoCrypto Review


What is iGoCrypto ?

what is igoCrypto

iGoCrypto is a cryptocurrency education platform led by a dream team advisory board. The main objective of the company is to teach students how to be successful in the crypto economy.

The iGoCrypto website domain igocrypto.com was privately registered in the year November 2nd, 2017. Further, while researching on the firm i found that Chris Kellar (CEO) and Clinton Aragona were the co-founders of iGoCrypto.

Anyways, it’s still unclear about the co-founders of the company. However, the firm’s legal counsel, Chris Gorman, appears to served as the Attorney General of Kentucky between 1992 and 1996.

The platform claims to be an all-in-one platform that benefits the world to decentralize through cryptography by giving valuable education to obtain any product needed to assist in this crusade.

iGoCrypto Products

iGoCrypto Products

iGoCrypto’s product includes of cryptocurrency education on topics of mining including the service and equipment needed, and tools to help you with trading.

However, to access iGoCrypto you need to pay is $50 per month or $500 per year. Further, you can get mining equipment in the US and Canada, but the actual mining services are outside the US and Canada.

The tool suite is to access cryptocurrency e-commerce platform. For this, you need t o pay $10 per month or $100 per year.

Another thing iGoCrypto talks about is opening their own exchange in 2019, which is really interesting

How Does iGoCrypto Work?

iGoCrypto, like many other multilevel marketing companies, seems to highlight memberships over products and services. The firm lists a single product online which is called “iGoCrypto University”. It’s an education program that will explain the basic information behind cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and other aspects of the industry.

Overall, the main aim of iGoCrypto is the same as other MLMs: convince as many people as possible to pay the exorbitant monthly membership fees, and then continue promoting the scheme until it eventually collapses. Further, you can earn every time you convince someone to pay the monthly fee and annual fee.

Cost To Join iGoCrypto

Joining iGoCrypto will set you back $100 for the membership, but should that be too much to swallow, there is an option to join for free. Should you choose the free membership, keep in mind that you’ll only be able to earn on single-level commissions.

iGoCrypto Compensation Plan

The following shows how the compensation plan is listed on the official website:

  • Student Advocate: Free membership, payments on personal commissions
  • Advocate: $100 membership fee, $500 in personal volume to qualify
  • Silver Advocate: One Qualified Advocate in each line
  • Gold Advocate: Four Silver Advocates in each line
  • Platinum Advocate: Four Gold Advocates in each line
  • Diamond Advocate: Four Platinum Advocates in each line
  • Founding Advocate: Four Diamond Advocates in each line

Ranks & Qualifications

The iGoCrypto has 7 ranks in their compensation plan structure. Let me take you through the breakdown of ranks and qualifications:

Student Advocate Rank:

This requires you to sign-up for free iGoCrypto affiliate member. There are no commissions from residual income structure. 

Advocate Rank:

If you want to qualify for this rank, you need to spend $100 on affiliate membership. You also have to generate $500 in PV or sign-up on auto-ship. 

Silver Advocate Rank: 

It is necessary to have a personally signed up Advocate ranked member on your right leg and left leg of binary compensation plan binary structure.

Gold Advocate Rank:

It is necessary to have at least 8 Silver Advocate ranked members in your binary pay plan structure. It is also necessary to have 4 of them on either side and always active. 

Platinum Advocate Rank:

You should have 8 Gold advocate ranked members in the binary pay plan structure. It is also necessary to have 4 of them on either side and always active. 

Diamond Advocate Rank:

You should have 8 Platinum advocate ranked members in the binary pay plan structure. It is also necessary to have 4 of them on either side and always active.

Founding Advocate Rank: 

You should have 8 Diamond advocate ranked members in the binary pay plan structure. It is also necessary to have 4 of them on either side and always active.

Investment and Earning In iGoCrypto

iGoCrypto specifically includes  four ways to earn:

  • The customer acquisition bonus, or CAB
  • Retail commissions
  • Team binary commissions
  • Infinity compounding bonus

You can earn $35 when you refer someone to iGoCrypto University and $5 when you refer someone to the iGoCrypto Tool Suite. These commissions are paid on both monthly and yearly.

Ultimately, the iGoCrypto entirely focuses on commission, membership, and compensation information. The website has very less information about the educational product being offered – like whether it’s an a physical textbook, online course, or some other product.

Final Thought : 

Overall, They prove they have more retail customers than affiliates, this could be the first cryptocurrency MLM that is legit. However, it is better for you to be extra vigilant and do your own research before placing an order or making an investment. Also, i hope you found all the details you were searching for.

What are your thoughts on iGoCrypto Review? Share your views on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Also read the reviews of some more earning sites.

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