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Horse Racing: The Most Elite Gambling Game in the World


Sports gambling has become legal in most parts of the world and the gambling industry is only going to get bigger. 26% of the global population gambles at least once a week. While some like to play on slot machines and other online casino games, there are others making a killing on horses.


While online casino gaming is easily accessible, horse racing gambling has its own thrill.

1.     It’s exhilarating

Playing at an online casino requires patience, skills, and a stable internet connection. While sitting comfortably in your home and playing casino games does sound charming,, why not try betting on a more exhilarating horse racing track? You will be jumping with excitement as you cheer your favorite horse and watch it make money for you. The game is worth it even without placing a bet because you get to soak up some sun, gel your muscles and feel your heartbeat race.

2.     You will make new friends

Even with games that are exciting, the one thing you can expect from your opponents is hatred. You may chit-chat in a game of poker or have drinks together while playing craps, but you know your opponent wants you to lose. In fact, they are planning against you with a smile on their face, and you are doing the same thing.

On a horse track, however, no one is planning to take you down. Even if your friend loses, there are at least 30 other people who have won, and you can jump up and down together. It is a lot like watching a soccer game. Every time your team scores, you and a thousand other people become best friends. Later, you and the losing team supporters all go out for drinks, and everything is forgotten.

3.     The odds are obvious

In horse racing, there are 6 or 8 horses, and you can place your bet on either of them. With a confident bet, you can sit and watch them race down the track, and cheer. Though you need skill and experience to know which horse is a winner, the game is as simple as it can get.

4.     The results are fast

Isn’t it annoying to wait hours before you know if you have won or lost? While the essence of some games such as poker is the time you spend on the table, many people would prefer just to win. Horse racing and maybe slot machines give you a chance to do that. Once the game begins, you will have your answer in a few minutes. You also get some time to mingle and have something to eat or drink before you place your bet. You can take this opportunity to listen to what others are saying about the horses and make your decision.

5.     There are no taxes

Many people don’t know that if you win the coveted lottery today, a good chunk of that goes to the government. This applies to many other games unless you are playing in an online casino. Even if you make a small killing in the stock market, which is a more serious form of gambling, you still have to pay taxes on the profits. The difference between horse racing and these other games is that you only pay tax if your payoff goes above 600-1. As long as you maintain low winnings every time, the taxman will stay away from you.

6.    A wide variety of betting options

Placing bets on a horse race may be simple and straightforward, but it’s not at all restricting. Unlike many other forms of betting, horse racing has a wide variety of options to bet on, even if your horse does not win the race. The game allows two types of jackpots and considerable odds, so your chances of winning are excellent.

Horse racing is among the few gambling options that are exciting and improve your social circle. If combining animal power with money sounds like your kind of fun, horse racing will not let you down.

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