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Online businesses today are made very feasible to user yet they drive in a set of huddles, as well as money and traditional business can take the wrong path with the lousy decisions.                                           

Have you heard about this company? Or is this your first time hearing, perhaps you are here because you want to learn more about this company, right?

Well, you are in the right platform!

With my best efforts, I have gathered the requisite information so that it is easy to decide that the company is legit or not.

So take a deep breath and have a look at my review that provides you everything you need to know about the company, the compensation plan, and the products.

Freedom Dollar

Freedom Dollar website is live on the Trinity Funnel System website, whose domain was registered on the 21st of February, 2017.

The Trinity Funnel System looks similar to traffic exchange and following that Freedom Dollar seems to be operating off the website domain itself, which means whoever owns the Trinity Funnel System maybe also owns Freedom Dollar.

Apart from this, the company does not provide any information from their website about the owners or any responsible operator for the business opportunity.

The Products

Freedom Dollar does not offer any retail products or services for external customers. The product or services are only for those people who are associated with the Freedom Dollar.

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The Compensation Plan

Representatives of the company can offer money to one another via a 3×4 matrix. A 3×4 matrix drives you to the top of a matrix with 3 positions below you. 3 positions are present in Level 1.

These 3 positions complete Level 1 of the matrix. And by adding another 3 positions level 2 of the matrix is created under each of the first 3 positions, for a sum of 9 positions.

Matrix levels 3 and 4 created as same fashion as the previous levels and hold 27 and 81 positions.

You need to sign up and donate $1 to an existing affiliate.

After donation, the affiliate is eligible to receive three 1$ donations on the Level 1 of the matrix.

If any member needs to access the level 2, this costs $3. Investment of $3 makes the member receive $3 gifts from 9 other members. The offering procedures across all level of the matrix look like this:

  •    Level 1 – Donate $1 and receive $1 from three members
  •    Level 2 – Donate $3 and receive $3 from nine members
  •     The Level 3 – Donate $15 and receive $15 from twenty-seven members
  •    Level 4 – Donate $317 and receive $317 from eighty-one members

Note: Payments in the Freedom Dollar are processed monthly (both paid and received).

Joining In

$1 is the cost for the membership of the Freedom Dollar.

Final words:

Freedom Dollar is another cash gifting system with its schemes. No products and services are sold to retail customers and instead, the company allows the customer to join as the member and then offer money as the gift to other members.

Recovering lost funds is impossible for the Affiliates. Therefore most of the affiliates end up with the Freedom Dollar.  

There is no refund policy on any products or services as stated by the Freedom Dollar website.

Freedom Dollar is only active till the people sign up and offer money among one another, but if it fails the company will shrink completely.

Latest Updates:

The parent website of Trinity Funnel is showing “Account Suspended” message. There is no proper social media intimation as to when the website will be live. I’ll keep checking and get back to you if any further changes occur.

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