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Hello Folks!
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Some discussion from backside hits my ear when I was sitting in a leaving room.
My uncle, Ronald were discussing and arguing with his friend Zack. My uncle was listing FirstCoin Club is a Scam but his friend Zack was listing it as a legit. Therefore, I wonder who I should listen to. I took my laptop and decided to investigate and collect all the facts of the company “FirstCoin Club’.


Here we go!

Domain Registration Information (Whois.com)

Domain Name: firstcoin.club
Registrar: eNom, LLC
Registration Date: 2016-07-15
Expiration Date: 2022-07-14
Updated Date: 2017-08-15

Company Profile

FirstCoin Club gives zero information relating to who actually run the business behind the scenes. You will also find that the FirstCoin Club is based in Dubai and mentions about the “Dynamic Global Marketing Ltd” but again fails to disclose any information about this company.

When you look further into the address you will determine that the company probably not located in Dubai. You will determine that the address is a completely different company called “Freemont Group” which offers business services in the city of Dubai.

Right on the homepage, you are displayed with a form asking you for a username and password to log into the website. You can create a new account by clicking on Register tab.

I am bit confused, why they don’t want to disclose the ownership information because that’s very significant to me when I am looking for a company to sign up.

FirstCoin Club – The Products

The company does not offer any tangible products or services to the retail customers. The only thing that affiliates can do is to promote their affiliate membership to folks.
That’s never a good thing to see

Compensation plan

Once you register with this you will ask to invest in firstcoin with the company on the guarantee of a monthly ROI
The company gives Referral commission which is paid when affiliates are recruited.

Passive ROI

An affiliate can earn a passive monthly ROI ranging from 3% to 7% when affiliate in firstcoin.
Remember this all is paid in firstcoin
• Basic – Invest $200 to $1999 in firstcoin and receive a 3% monthly ROI
• Silver – Invest $2000 to $9999 in firstcoin and receive a 5% monthly ROI
• Gold – Invest $10,000 to $24,999 in firstcoin and receive a 7.5% monthly ROI
• VIP – Invest $25,000 or more in firstcoin and receive a 7.5% monthly ROI (also earn +10% one-time bonus on amount settled)

Referral Commissions

Affiliates can earn 10% referral commissions on firstcoin invested by personally recruited members.
If you recruit 5 affiliates, from the 6 you can earn a 20% referral commission rate.
On level 2 downline members a residual referral commission rate of 7.5% is paid.

Pool Income

Even you can get a share in the Pool Income bonus pool when you personally recruit more than 10 affiliates who totally invested at least $5500 in firstcoin.

Joining In

In order to join FirstCoin Club, you are requested to invest in one of the tiers below:
• Basic – Invest $200 to $1999 in firstcoin
• Silver – Invest $2000 to $9999 in firstcoin
• Gold – Invest $10,000 to $24,999 in firstcoin
• VIP – Invest $25,000 or more in firstcoin


As I had already mentioned above that without complete details of the company owner no one should go further to take part in the company’s income opportunity. Ownership/Leadership plays an essential role in any kind of businesses. And how can they promise that high ROIs? More importantly, they need to clear all this red flags and money making procedures with actual proof if they are looking for vertical growth. Anyway, I hope you had fun by reading my FirstCoin Club review.

Company website: https://firstcoin.club/

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