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Cryptocash Nation – Review


Recently, my friend John approached me with a new opportunity “Cryptocash Nation. Meantime, I was looking to earn from online without any obstacles.


He just clearly described the company overview in detail.

Let me present you in the form of an article.

Well, crypocurrency has become inherently popular these days. It appears like there is an always an amazing opportunity to earn a profit from this digital currency.

What Is Cryptocash Nation?

CryptoCash Nation website

Cryptocash Nation is a community that provides users with a great deal of direction and guidance related to cryptocurrencies.

The website doesn’t give you any information on who runs the business or owns it. Further on deep research i found that, the website domain was registered on December 30th, 2017.

Based on registered information it displayed that, Jill Field is the owner of FXB Trading, located in British Columbia, Canada. But, i couldn’t find any connection between Cryptocash Nation and Jill Field.

Later, by complete research i found a video which states that , a man by the name of Thomas Fraser claims to be one of the co-founders for the company.

Above all, you can find a introductory video in the website, which includes a detailed information about cryptocurrency and blockchain. This information provides users a key to make the right decisions.

Cryptocash Nation – Products

CryptoCash Nation Product

CryptoCash Nation has no retail products or services, but you can promote their affiliate membership.

Cryptocash Nation- Compensation plan

Initially, as an affiliate you need to invest  $15 weekly fee in DASH cryptocurrency.

Later, When you sponsor members who invest with your referral link, you earn a commission.

Basically, there are 3 rankings within the compensation plan. you can recruit paid affiliates and/or qualified free affiliates.

  • Silver 
  • Gold 
  • Platinum 
Final verdict

Over all, Cryptocash Nation is not completely a scam. However to be successful in any network marketing companies, your marketing techniques,your ability to recruit and your lead generation technique is what matters.

While this certainly is not a tool to help one “get from rag to rich ” it is a good resource to start learning about currencies.

Besides all the land of opportunities, there are some gray areas in the company we need to discuss about:

The biggest one is, the only source of dividend generated by CryptoCash Nation is only through affiliate membership investment. The company uses these fees to pay recruitment commissions which makes it a ponzi scheme.

Hope the article was worth reading and covers detailed information about the company.

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