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Crypto Mining Space – Review


At Present, many MLM’S are popping up on daily basis. It becomes hard for the investors to choose right platform and avoid involving in illicit activity.


So, Which company is better for you? It’s as simple as that, with proper research you can bring to light a fraud before they get a hold of your cash

In this review, I will help you by providing a detailed guide about this company.

So, here is the big picture…

Crypto Mining Space – overview

Crypto Mining Space

Crypto Mining Space is one of Dragon Mining Tech’s “dragon programs”.

The company doesn’t offer any indication in regards to who owns the company, when it was founded, where it’s based out of, etc.

Crypto Mining Space – The Products

Crypto Mining Space doesn’t include any sort of services or products for affiliates to sell for retail purposes or purchase for personal use. But anyone who is interested to sign up as an affiliate with Crypto Mining Space can market the company affiliate membership.

Crypto Mining Space – Compensation

Affiliates looking to take part in the company compensation need to sign up and invest in the company.

Company affiliates can invest funds with the agreement of an ROI rate promoted:

  • Executive – Invest $100 or more and receive a 30% ROI in 30 days
  • Corporate – Invest $1000 or more and receive a 60% ROI in 60 days
  • Professional – Invest $100,000 or more and receive a 90% ROI in 90 days

Company affiliates will get their initial investment back with the addition of ROI in B2G when their period of investment is up.

Additionally, the company offers affiliates the chance to earn referral commissions, which are paid out on the funds invested by newly sponsored affiliates.

The company does not state what the rates are on their website for referral commissions.

Final verdict

Although the company claims good profit to the affiliates. But, there are few gray areas we need to discuss.

Firstly, Crypto Mining Space is much similar to  “Bitcoiin” which ran with people’s money…

Secondly, outside the company and their income opportunities, B2G is worthless.

In reality what’s going on is that new affiliates are duped by the company. Newly invested funds are paying off existing members creating those crazy ROI’s.

Hope the article gives you the big picture of the company. Be smart and invest wisely.

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Disclaimer : The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Coinpedia. Every investment and trading involves risk, so you should always perform your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.


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