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CoinXL has now redirected its website to Ormeus coin website. This clearly depicts that the website is now closed. The service is stopped as we write with no proper closure. Even the social media is silent on the service.

My friend Michael approached me with a new opportunity “CoinXL”. Meantime, I was looking to earn from online without any obstacles.


He just clearly describes the company overview in detail.

Let me present you in the form of an article.

Well, Bitcoin has become inherently popular these days. It appears like there is an always an amazing opportunity to earn a profit from this digital currency.

About CoinXL

CoinXL is another Bitcoin investment company promises to provide a daily ROI 0f 1%

The CoinXL’s domain name was registered privately on 4th of June, 2017. The company does not list any details about who runs the business. The only information you will obtain from social media is that a guy known as Mr. Brad Cook is credited in a “Leadership” role. Mr. Brad Cook is heavily involved with this but not mentions that he is the owner, or just a high ranking affiliate.

When you look on the background of Mr. Cook you will find that he has been linked to NexxStars which was introduced in 2014. In addition to NexxStars, he is also a part of Enliven, Smart Travel, and National Safety Associates.

The Products

The does not contain any retail products or services to offer.

CoinXL affiliates have nothing other than the affiliate membership to provide to potential new recruits.

The CoinXL Compensation Plan

CoinXL affiliates need to invest Bitcoin in order to obtain a promised ROI of 1% for 150 days.

  • L1 – Invest 0.100175 BTC and receive a 0.15 BTC ROI
  • L3 – Invest 0.300525 BTC and receive a 0.45 BTC ROI
  • L5 – Invest 0.5000875 BTC and receive a 0.75 BTC ROI
  • XL1 – Invest 1.0175 BTC and receive a 1.5 BTC ROI
  • XL2 – Invest 2.035 BTC and receive a 3 BTC ROI
  • XL4 – Invest 4.07 BTC and receive a 6 BTC ROI
  • XL5 – Invest 5.0875 BTC and receive a 7.5 BTC ROI

Affiliates can also earn extra income from referral commission which invested by recruited affiliates and is paid through a binary compensation structure.

Joining In

To be an affiliate you need to invest between 0.100175 BTC and 5.0875 BTC.

You will earn a maximum profit when you invest maximum money into CoinXL.


The CoinXL does not disclose any information about the owner of the company. The company provides no insight as for how they are processing our funds.

The whole system will get collapse when the recruitment stops. One more point to remember that you won’t get your earnings until 150 days that is near to 5 months.

Company website: www.coinxl.com

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