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BTC Trader Online Review


Keeping in mind the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, it is understood that many of them are skeptical about using the Bitcoin Trader. 


I am glad that you have decided to do some analysis before moving ahead with an online business opportunity. This review covers detail information about BTC Trader online – browse below to read.

BTC Trader Online – Overview

Bitcoin Trader Online is one of the financial institutions specializing in cryptocurrency trading and financial options. According to some sources, the company owners stole $75 million from their investors, while leaving all affiliates to lose out. However, neither the website nor any online source reveals the identity of owners or the founders behind backing up the firms. 

BTC Trader Online

BTC Trader online – Products

You won’t find any sort of products or services or any trace of retail sales activity. However, you can promote the affiliate membership

BTC Trader Online – Compensation Plan

If you want to make money in this website, then you should consider these two ways:

  • ROI Investment Commissions
  • Referral Commissions

ROI Investment Commissions

This technique requires you to invest in any of the packages that they provide. No matter which investment package you choose, there will definitely be a guaranteed return every month. There are 4 investment packages namely, Alpha program package level, Beta program package level, Sigma program package level, & Omega program package level.

Referral Commissions 

Another way is to earn commission through referral programs. This company offers some kind of MLM commission structure. Although the details are not yet disclosed on the company website. 


Honestly , this software is not worth your time or money. BTC Trader Online has tons of red flags. We have no idea on who is running the company which is the biggest drawback.

Hope the article gave you all the information you were searching online about BTC Trader Online.

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