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Bitcoiners Hub Review


Welcome to my Bitcoiners Hub Review

Are you looking to start an online business? But you are confused how to do that, right?


My review will help you to analysis about the company before signing up and you can take best decisions to go with the online business.

All important information, including company backgrounds, products, and the compensation plan are compiled in this review.

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Bitcoiners Hub Review

The Bitcoiners Hub website domain was registered on the 11th of August, 2017 as “bitcoinershub.com”.

It is Bitcoin investment scheme that promises to boost your investment from 0.01 BTC into 90 BTC in a short span of time. The investment is promoted for anyone to get profit quickly – even if you have no experience with Bitcoin or have no mandatory skills and experience with trading.

We have seen several number of similar websites seems online in the past few months. These websites will work in similar fashion: they promise huge money making methods to people with no skills or experience. But the fact is that we haven’t seen any people getting benefits from these schemes.

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Bitcoiners Hub Product

Bitcoiners Hub does not provide product and service to retail customers. However, the only procedure is to take part in a 5-tier 3×1 Bitcoin gifting matrix cycler.

The Bitcoiners Hub Compensation Plan

The Affiliates donate Bitcoin among each other through a 3×1 matrix cycler. A 3×1 matrix is straightforward in nature, obtaining only three positions below it to be filled.

When 3 positions are filled, a “cycle” exists and the position “cycle” to the next cycler tier.

Donated funds processed across Bitcoiners Hub’s 5-tier cycler appear like this:

  •    Tier 1 (position cost 0.01 BTC) – receive 0.01 BTC and cycle into Tier 2
  •     The Tier 2 – Receive 0.01 BTC and cycle into Tier 3
  •    Tier 3 – Receive 0.02 BTC and cycle into Tier 4
  •     The Tier 4 – Receive 0.04 BTC and cycle into Tier 5
  •    Tier 5 – Receive 0.24 BTC

Once an affiliate cycle finishes Tier 1, obtain a position in a different 3×10 matrix. First 3 positions rank the affiliates at the top of a matrix that has 3 positions immediately under them.

1 level of the matrix is created by the first 3 positions and the 2nd Level is generated by including another three positions under each of the first three, for a sum of 9 positions.

3 to 10 matrix levels are created in the similar fashion.

Positions of the matrix are filled instantly sponsored affiliates who cycle out of Tier 1 of the 5-Tier cycler.

Commission of 0.001 BTC is earned by an affiliate at every position that is filled in the 3×10 matrix.

Joining Cost

0.01 BTC is the cost for registration for the Bitcoiners Hub.

Final thought

Bitcoiners Hub fails to provide the services to its registered customers. Therefore, most of them are not taking interest to look into it, because they treat the company as a scam.

However, few of them passing information and believes that it is not practical to turn 0.01 BTC into a huge amount of 90 BTC by simply recruiting 10 levels of people to the platform.

Additionally, there is no adequate information to suggest that Bitcoiners Hub will ever pay you a dime.  

Company website: https://bitcoinershub.com

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