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With best of my knowledge, here I compiled review on another MLM company – Bit90x.


Company Profile – Bit90x

Bit90x claims itself as an investment opportunity build by “a team of professional market traders and mining exports”. The company promises to double your money within just 90 days – guaranteed.

It reports that newbies have gone through plenty of Ponzi Scheme Company over the past few months. The false companies like Bit90x are targeting an enormous number of newbies for their Ponzi schemes. Bit90x not only promises to double your Bitcoin but also maintain it to triple your Bitcoin by engaging to take benefit of all their earning opportunities.

The website appears to be a professional, but there is no concrete information about who is running the company and its location.

Bit90x’s domain name as “bit90x.com” has registered on 17th of April, 2017.

According to Alexa.com, 74% of the traffic to the company website originates in the USA and India is the second largest source to generate traffic of 15%.

How Does Bit90x work?

The experts state that if any company promising to double or triple your Bitcoin then you are being scammed.

How Bit90x promises to double your money?

You need to just invest some amount of money to the company and invested money will automatically be doubled within 90 days. The following quote explains how the company is providing this magical moneymaking system:

“If you just sign up for a plan and wait 80 days, your bitcoins will automatically be doubled in our system without you having to do anything.”

The company never explains the process of your invested money.

As stated above, doubling of Bitcoins doesn’t require work. Meanwhile, you can earn money by understanding the company’s pyramid scheme, which consists recruiting people to the scheme below you.

“With the high doubling power of the binary network, you can double your bitcoin in 70, 60, 50, 30 days or even in less time! Show our platform to friends and earn up to 60 BTC per day.”

You can even triple your money by the company’s “matrix plus plan”

Compensation Plan – Bit90x

If you are interested to participate then you will have to donate in Bitcoin to earn 200% ROI in 90 days.

The company offers 10 different plans ranging from $300 to $100,000+ USD as listed below:

  • Hash-1 – 0.07 BTC

  • Hash-2 – 0.1 BTC

  • Hash-3 – 0.3 BTC

  • Hash-4 – 0.5 BTC

  • Hash-5 – 1 BTC

  • Hash-6 – 2 BTC

  • Hash-7 – 4 BTC

  • Hash-8 – 7 BTC

  • HashTrade – 10 BTC

  • Hash-PowerX – 30 BTC

The payment transactions are monitored by using a binary matrix plan.

Certain amount of percentage generated on their weaker binary side is paid to Affiliates, which is based on how much they have invested.

This is how percentages of funds look like

  • Affiliates of Hash 1 level can earn a 5% residual binary commission

  • Hash 2 level can earn a 6% residual binary commission

  • Affiliates of Hash 3 level can earn a 7% residual binary commission

  • Hash 4 level can earn a 9% residual binary commission

  • Affiliates of Hash 5 level can earn an 11% residual binary commission

  • Affiliates of Hash 6 level can earn a 13% residual binary commission

  • Hash 7 level and HashTrade can earn a 16% residual binary commission

  • Affiliates of Hash- PowerX can earn a 20% residual binary commission

The cost to Join Bit90x

To participate in the income opportunity of the company, affiliates must choose any one of the following 10 plans ranging from 0.07 BTC – 30 BTC.

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Final words

It was reported that when someone promises to double or triple your money within some short period of 90 days, it clearly indicates that you are being scammed by the company.

The company is not providing any products or services. You are just simply investing your money to a company and then convincing others to join this platform. As there is no valid proof that signs you will ever receive your money from the Bit90x, nor there is any evidence that you can double or triple your money in 90 days.

Website: www.bit90x.com  

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