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Betcris Online Casino- Gambling Experience You Were Looking For

Gambling and betting activities have always been a tough nut to crack for enthusiasts. As the complex and risky nature of the real betting has some lethal consequences regarding the safety of revenues and life too. But Betcris online casino is the most convenient and safest online gambling and the betting site you always dreamt of. With a great variety of gambling in real sports, Esports, and casino activities, BETCRIS lives up to all the expectations of the enthusiasts who want to cherish their dream of betting.

Also, Avoiding the malicious activities which prevail in the real gambling and betting places, where the people who hold power can leave you with nothing in the pocket, and there is nothing you can do about it. Betcris is one such verified and a trustworthy site which would enable you to function all the practices of betting within your comfort and accessibility of the deposits.

Some of the Prominent Features Of Betcris are:

Betcris Casino-

The casino section is the most accessed and popular place. Blackjack, Jokers wild and Railway riches are the most prominent games as they promote huge prizes up for grab. The prizes and winnings credit within 12 hours after the tournaments are over. But, the leftover coins aren’t transferable and should are useful within the gambling limits. Betcris casino provides the top 10 leaders on the leaderboard with some consolation bonuses as well. Bonus is available within 72 hours after the tournament or else they will be terminated. As the tournaments gradually move towards the showdown, the winnings also increase appropriately to encourage the players.

Betcris Loyalty Program-

The loyal players or regular visitors receive rewards with decent deposits on every access. The multi-level benefit program is also installed. The amateurs lie in classic level within 0-499$. If the winnings come in the range of 500-999$, then the player would be upgraded. This upgrade will be to the bronze level and proportionally win much better prices. And similarly for the silver level and biggest money-spinner of them all the gold level, which generates the best revenues. Referral bonus of as many as 500$ can be earned on each referred player.

Betcris Promotions-

Promotions are carried out in various forms. They are providing free spins to new customers and also creating awareness of the games to be played. New player bonuses are also provided, and deposits are made to relish the opportunity. Bonus can be availed within 72 hours of the offering and will get terminated afterwards. Numerous requests result in the termination of the account, and there is a ban on the player. Live betting features a drastic change in the betting-odds and winnings. This makes it quite an intriguing experience for the professional players.

Betcris Esports-

Not only real sports but Betcris also deals with E sports genre. Many games like Dota 2, call of duty are featured in this segment. Live betting results in huge revenues as people tend to be more excited for the thrill and nerves embedded in the risk of betting live.


The site usually deals with a lapse of the server, which makes it quite annoying for the players to invest money on the live betting. The huge number of people participating in the tournaments makes it quite rare for an individual to win prizes on consistent basis. Earning huge money and moving on to the upgraded level is quite time-consuming and quite difficult to achieve. Also the site has tied up with very few banking options, and availability is also limited to a very few countries.

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User friendly


Safety measures





  • The site is highly accessible and easy to function for even the most novice players.
  • The huge availability of games ensures more chances of winning.
  • Bonus and promotions are provided in each segment through which huge benefits can be reaped
  • Referral bonus ensures huge bonus which encourages and enhances the productivity of the game


  • Inefficient working of user-interface makes it difficult for the players to invest.
  • Fewer banking options affects the growth of gaming enthusiasts from foreign countries to play
  • The platform is limited to very few countries.
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