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QD club is a Bitcoin billionaire community of Crypto Analyst, News Writers, and Cryptocurrency Investors. It is a research-oriented club which is gently in the process of compiling reviews on MLM companies.

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Hello folks, Welcome back to QD’s Blog


Here I present my research-based views and reviews on the respective company. I’ve extensive experience in cryptocurrency and Forex trading – Being a successful entrepreneur, Digital marketer, and Forex trader, I actively share frequent cryptocurrency updates, motivational thought, and trading tips.

Let’s delve in…!

This article will help you understand the International Businesses concept Audure.







0.010 BTC


 0.0125 BTC


International Business Audure Review

On a sunny Sunday, I visited my friend who just landed from Brazil, and in conversation with him, he mentioned me a new concept booming slowly in Brazil, Audure.

The conversation turned up to be very interesting, let me line up it for you!

Me: What is Audure? (excitedly) 

He Said

Hmmm! Well it is an International Crypto service providing firm located in Australia and Operating from 3 Different countries (Namely – Australia, Brazil & Russia)

Audure is presently the only concept in the market with the highest number of registered traders and stands stable to provide the best returns and benefits to its user.

Me (Intensely): Tell me something about company base?  

He Said (Gently)

Company was founded in the year 2014 by a team of Traders from Australia, Brazil & Russia. This is the same team who first introduced the Trading bots concept to market and sold the patents to a very happening value.

Me (Curiously): Oh! So what service do we get from Audure?

He Said

Audure procures a world class trading team which makes use of high configured trading tools and updated technology. This team keeps our Bitcoins continuously under Trading mode and hence they share a fine profit on our investment in a periodic and distributed manner.

Me: That makes a sense! (Impressed)

Me: Tell me the features of Audure

He Said (Smiling)

Audure comes with many great features.

But let’s get one more coffee.  The cups were heavy again.


As I start with the features of Audure…

  • It is very easy to understand and operate
  • It comes with feasible packages to choose from
  • We get immediate 3 kinds of returns
  • Good level programmed
  • Good benefits and returns
  • We can make wallet transfer
  • We can Withdraw our profit

And there is a lot to do, as this person keep on updating with new offers, rewards, and benefits.

Me (Amazed)

Jumped off the chair and asked how to start with Audure . ?

He said

Calm down, I will help you with that.

 and then he pulled up his laptop from his leather bag and browsed to Audure.

Pointing to the website he said, here is what I am talking about. Audure

To join with Audre. You need to have a Referral ID that’s it

how to start with Audure

To Start enjoying the returns You need to upgrade with the Beginner package of 0.0125 BTC

That’s not bad! I said.
He continued to tell me about the plans of Audure.

He Said:  Audure is popular for its Automated withdrawal system and great ROI module.

  • First plan of Audure is a mandatory one i,e of 0125 BTC gives you 1% for 200 Biz Days and support 1 level of income
  • Second plan of Audure is “ NewBie Package “ Supporting 3 Level of income “ with 1% for 200 Biz Days
  • Third Package of Audure is “ Trader Package “ Supporting 10 level of income “ with 1% for 200 Biz Days
  • Fourth package of Audure “ Pro-Trader Package “ Supporting 14 level income “ With  1% for 200 Biz Days
  • Fifth package of Audure “ Expert Trader Package “ Supporting 17 level income “ With  1% for 200 Biz Days

Each package comes with a different number of levels and each level with different %age of income value.

number of levels at audure

This made a clear vision to me about the complete concept and idea of Audure and I thanked my friend to introduce me this interesting thing.

As per my research on the same, few good facts came up to me and I also dropped an email to the admin with my honest feedback on the whole system.

The company seems to be rotating in all the different locations Like Australia , Russia, China , USA, Brazil, India , Pakistan , Japan , Jamaica, Europe  and others ,

Presently it pins to be in Brazil (South America ) and India ( Asia )

I hope you find our conversation on Audure presented as article helpful and informative.



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QD club is a Bitcoin billionaire community of Crypto Analyst, News Writers, and Cryptocurrency Investors. It is a research-oriented club which is gently in the process of compiling reviews on MLM companies.

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