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What is Total value locked down in DeFi? Top Defi Tokens With the Highest Total Value Locked Down


Since the beginning of the year, we have seen some major breathtaking events that have happened in the crypto space. The second week of March saw a catastrophic event take place in the digital assets market as Bitcoin made a massive price decline to half its price. Even though the coin has continued to rise since then, the volatility in the market has been one hindering factor that has affected the price of the token.

Another major event is the emergence of DeFi projects into the limelight. This came at a time when Bitcoin and other leading assets were suffering from massive price swings.

What is Total value locked down in DeFi?

Presently, the DeFi market has grown wings when the question of the total value locked in is being asked. The total value locked in this context refers to the total worth of the DeFi sector. This value is usually calculated using three major components, which is the total value locked in Dollars, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and the native token of each protocol. However, in over six weeks, the budding sector has been able to register a total value locked in about $4 billion from the meager $1 billion it recorded at the start of the year. Presently, the total value locked in according to DeFi Pulse is $7 billion.

This write up seeks to look at the key projects that have contributed to the DeFi sectors total value locked in.

Top coins that have contributed to the total value locked in on the DeFi sector

DeFi projects are no doubt enjoying a swell time in the financial market as they have made a positive movement in the total value locked in since the tragedy that occurred in mid-March. The total value locked in witnessed a catastrophic decline as it moved from around the $1 billion range to stay at $500 million. Presently, the Total value locked in has seen more than a 271% increase to steady above $7 billion.

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Here is a list of top coins that have contributed to this increase


To kick start this list, we have Aave token which has been one of the pivotal tokens that have driven the massive value locked in DeFi very high. Aave is a non-custodial protocol which is based on Ethereum and is used for decentralized lending and borrowing. Additionally, for lenders, the protocol provides them with ERC-20 tokens at a ratio of 1:1 to supplied assets.

Aave Statistics

  • Total value locked in USD $1.52B
  • Total value locked in ETH 3.9M ETH
  • Total value locked in BTC 132.2K BTC
  • The total value of ETH Locked 199.9K ETH


Maker is a decentralized lending platform on Ethereum that makes use of the DAI token which is pegged to the US dollars. According to the protocol, anybody who has a Maker can use it to open a vault and lock in collateral such as ETH and BAT. DAI incurs a fee after lending which is paid back as interest for stability.

Maker Statistics

  • Total value locked in USD $1.42B
  • Total value locked in ETH 3.7M ETH
  • Total value locked in BTC 123.8K BTC
  • Total value of ETH Locked 2.7M ETH

Curve Finance

Curve Finance is a decentralized protocol that is also built on the Ethereum blockchain, and it is used for stablecoin trading. After it was launched in January 2020, it allowed clients on the protocol to trade with low fees trading fees and high earning rate.

Curve Finance Statistics

  • Total value locked in USD $1.21B
  • Total value locked in ETH 3.1M ETH
  • Total value locked in BTC 105.5K BTC
  • Total USDT Locked 350M USDT is a decentralized aggregator that uses the services of different lending protocols such as Saved, Compound to provide optimized lending services to its clients. After depositing tokens on, it would automatically convert to the protocols native token. You can then use these tokens to optimize lending services. Statistics

  • Total value locked in USD $845.8M
  • Total value locked in ETH 2.2M ETH
  • Total value locked in BTC 73.7K BTC
  • Total USDT Locked 304.6M USDT

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Final Note

Decentralized Finance (Defi) is already here to stay. Infact, with the major success registered by the sector, it is only a matter of time before more projects spring up. Other worthy mentions are;

  • Synthetic with a TVL of $846.4m
  • Compound with a TVL of $782.4m
  • Balancer with a TVL of $382m
  • and WBTC with a TVL of $357m. 

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So readers, what’s you’ve to say about Total value locked down in DeFi? Let us know if you’ve already marked your presence in Defi space.!

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