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SafeMoon Army Gears Up To Uplift the Price, Yet Needs To Be Programmed!


    Safemoon is in the rounds again instantly, making a room for the investors to jump in

    The safemoon price after recording a huge spike in the past couple of months has plateaued oflet

    Yet the asset is looked at as a competitor for the popular meme token Dogecoin, speculated to be backed by a billionaire

Safemoon gained the trader’s attention in a very short stipulated time frame by rising from nowhere to $0.00001375. Since then the price could not regain the lost levels despite a couple of attempts of upswing. However, with increased market sentiments and positive mentions, the asset remains the hottest trend despite the Safemoon price experiencing a slump.


The token gained wide recognition with the launch of the beta sign up for its wallet for only the first 500 people. The wallet is said to be a secure place to store and trade Safemoon, with additional features like Simplex integration, dark mode, contact lists, etc. And hence, this announcement uplifted the assets price to some extent.


No doubt, the price remained above the levels, yet it appears that the Safemoon price is plateauing with no significant change. Despite the narrow trend, the asset is still among the hottest trends in the market with notable social mentions. 

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Will The Crypto Space Witness Safemoon VS Dogecoin?

The entire crypto space is familiar with the fact that Tesla CEO, Elon Musk is a huge proponent of Dogecoin. And moreover, Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos had also shown his interest in the digital asset. The scenario flipped when Elon Musk called himself a ‘Dogefather’ in an SNL event which might have irked Bezos.

In an interesting update, some of the social media platforms and telegram channels speculate Jeff Bezos may invest billions in Safemoon. The main aim would be to rally the Safemoon price to $1 before the Dogecoin price.

The cold war between the two giants has been viewed in many instances. And if it results in a brawl, then both the assets may be impacted positively to a larger extent. However, there is no such official confirmation from Jeff Bezos. As the story stands on the basis of the rounds on the social media platform.

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