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Defi Marketcap Boosts to $15 Billion Amidst $6Billion Cryptos Are Locked in Defi


    The Defi market created a milestone by reaching the market cap of $15 billion from $11 billion in just two weeks. The total value of cryptos locked in Defi also added additional billions in only 2 days to record $6 billion.

Defi MarketCap at $15 Bln

The ever-growing Defi market has just crossed the $15 Bln mark and the major emphasis is that it could manage to acquire the milestone in just two weeks. 

The most dominant Defi Coin is ChainLink which accounts for 46.5 percent of the share with a market capitalization of more than $7 billion. Moreover, Defi’s dominance compared to that of the global also surged to 4.1 percent.

Cryptos locked in Defi Touches $6 Billion 

With the growing Defi market cap, the value of the cryptos locked in Defi also surged to $6billion. It took barely two days to record a jump of a billion in the total value locked in Defi protocols.

Among the top three Defi protocols, Maker, Aave, and Curve Finance share $4 billion of cryptocurrency locked in them. The leading Maker protocol has $1.46 billion worth cryptos locked and records market dominance of 23.22 percent. The second on the list Aave protocol records $1.12 billion worth of cryptos locked and nearly $1 billion is locked with Curve finance.

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Defi Mirrors ICO 2017

With the surge and the in the market capitalization and the value of the cryptos locked over Defi protocols, the Defi market is looked upon as the 2017 ICO bubble. However, the dominance rate of the Defi market compared globally is pretty less and therefore the funds under the Defi are very less than can cause a crash.

On the other hand, some analysts believe that people could probably lose a huge amount of Bitcoin in Defi. Jason Williams, co-founder, and partner at Morgan Creek Digital has said that the cryptocurrencies invested in Defi could be lost.

Conclusively, the Defi market has skyrocketed by surging more than $15 billion from $11 billion in just two weeks. And the fast-growing value locked in Defi protocols also continues with an additional $1 billion in only 2 days. Therefore, the trending Defi market could possibly be a boom in the crypto space.

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