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We develop and deliver highly-secure and scalable DEX platforms that help our clients disrupt the crypto industry.


DEX development Services

Decentralized exchange platforms emerged on the scene after centralized exchanges failed to address some pressing issues. Decentralized exchanges brought with it truly peer-to-peer transactions, eliminating any need of third party involvement and centralized control.

Our developers have hands-on experience in working with Decentralized Exchange. We know the ins and outs of various technical problems that you may encounter. We as a top decentralised exchange development company, believe in developing a top-quality product with utmost customer satisfaction. That proves to be the driving force and we have successfully delivered various types of exchanges to our clients and implemented them over a live server which is working successfully as desired.

Decentralized Exchange Development services at Coinpedia


Requirements Gathering

We collect all the requirements of the business needs of the customers and then determine the required course of action based on our review.



Our team of experts perform rigorous research to ensure that you are ahead of the competition and are up to date with all the technical developments.



Our research-based team outlined the correct outline of decentralised exchange creation with proper functionality and smooth user interface as the key focus point.



Our blockchain developer team creates a robust and highly scalable, decentralised exchange network with outstanding features and functionality. The system is based on Blockchain and is operated by Smart Contracts.



Over the course of the famous blockchain history, the meaning of testing has been identified several times. Our team brings years of experience and well-crafted abilities to ensure that the item is fully bug-free.


Support and updates

Even after the deployment is completed, our team performs frequent tests to ensure that the software is hassle-free and that improvements are necessary.



It is installed on the client's main network after the testing is finished and is good to go and trade.

Why Partner with Coinpedia ?

We at Coinpedia include an experienced in-house team of Blockchain solution architects', native blockchain developers & functional consultants. The industry standard that implements an escrow process has been developed by our team of experts.

We have an Intrinsic passion for open source and collaboration. We have worked and delivered some of the quality Blockchain Projects to our users. We know how to develop effective tech products and invite start-up minds to explore the viability & scalability of their project.

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