Decentralised Application (DAPP) Development

Our passion and penchant for emerging technology have allowed us to stay at the forefront in the Decentralised Application (DAPP) Development .

We provide full-cycle DApp Services and use an agile methodology that has helped us deliver DApp solutions at reasonable rates and within estimated time frames.


DApp Services For Business

Coinpedia is recognised as one of the top Dapp development companies that brings decentralization to the core of your business. We create applications that are specifically crafted to serve the purpose of your enterprise. With this particular product, you can harness the power of the entire blockchain mechanism to the fullest.

We make Ethereum Dapp Development so productive that you can integrate it in any segment of the operations. Our services are overarching and they give solutions to every problem that you might come across. You can make things anonymous, synchronized and robust by making the most of this technology.

Benefits of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Development



The whole platform is automation-based and does not require manual interception. The facilitation of smart contracts accomplishes this.


Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts, the non-editable collective agreements, run the DeFi system's dynamic structure without disputes since they are automated.



The peer-to- peer blockchain-based network ensures that several core-operational nodes are present, thereby preventing abrupt shutdown and data breach.


Transparent Protocols

The lack of an insecure central authority who has control over the data of your users makes the system extremely open and trustworthy.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Development Services


MVP Consulting

Our experts in dApp development keep updated with the latest trends in the dApp industry and can help you evaluate whether or not your idea can succeed. As per the requirements of the customer, we classify the possible stakeholders, describe technical components and recommend the right blockchain platform.


User Interface

Right from ideation, wireframe designs, low fidelity and high fidelity design to excellent prototypes, we follow the most organised user interface modelling methods. We have an established track record of producing user-friendly applications to our clients.


Decentralized Exchange Development

As per the requirements of the client, we can create a highly scalable and customizable exchange platform. Via distributed shared order books and APIs, the exchange platform can connect external exchanges.


Cloud Services

We enable our clients to support dApps as API-externalized microservices. Our microservices will let you focus on a single organisation's strength. We will provide the data store for the cloud for each microservice.


Smart Contracts

Our smart contract service includes contracts on various platforms such as Ethereum, Neo and others to write, test and deploy. We help our customers choose the best platform to meet their business needs.


Decentralized Storage

Several cloud storage systems are decentralised, enabling peer-to - peer transactions and offering the most stable, private and successful cloud storage. We define and pick the correct project platform.


dApp Porting

In dApp Porting, we provide comprehensive support for a reusable codebase on any operating system. We can migrate the current application to any blockchain platform that meets the requirements of the organisation.


dApp Upgrade Services

To run business operations smoothly, the application should be updated on time. Whenever needed, we provide customers with full migration and upgrade services. Our team can build new smart contracts and update the dApps' microservices.

Why is Coinpedia the right choice for your Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Development?


Quality performance

Rigorous testing cycles and quality controls are carried out before the completed platform meets the specifications of our client and the performance expectations of the industry.


Client Collaboration

Opportunity to work exclusively with our technical team and direct us step-by - step in the process of optimally perfecting your dream DeFi business.



It distinguishes itself with its ability to integrate additional visionary features and applications into a conventional paradigm from its contemporary peers.


Prompt Delivery

Prioritizing the needs and urgency of consumers, tasks are planned to be completed on time, followed by instant standard checks to facilitate timely delivery.

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