TronWin is a game platform for fair games on TRON network. Currently there is one lottery game on the platform, with built-in WIN token for game, dividend and further usage.

The platform is split into several Smart Contracts — each performing it’s own unique task. This eliminates risk, allows modular development, modular testing, expansion and full security and auditing.

The TronWin:Vault contract uses multi-signature control and advanced AI controls to automatically detect any fowl play. The AI built into the contract can instantly pause all access to the funds until the development team confirms activity is normal! The protection works on any access to the funds — no matter where the access comes from — so no back doors into the contract. This ensures your funds are SAFU — 24 hours a day!

This separation also allows full extensibility — the TronWin:Dice and TronWin:333 contracts are able to securely access the funds, along with additional games that will be added in the near future… but all under the very strict controls of the TronWin:Vault security parameters and AI protection systems!

No back doors…. no exit scams… just intelligent systems built to fully protect your funds, 24 hours day — every day.

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