Hyper Dragons



HyperDragons is a strategy game powered by Blockchain. Far beyond providing a marketplace where players can trade collectibles they breed and cultivate, HyperDragons has a holistic gaming token economy, giving users with a hybrid experience of fun gaming and value accumulation.

How it works

HyperDragons involves rich strategy gameplay. Players cultivate warrior dragons to be guardian of Dragon Castle. Warrior dragons can mine out DST treasure in the castle to enrich Castle treasure storage. In addition, players need to send out defense dragon squad to protect castle from opponent attack and they can also send out attack dragon squad to seize valuable resources from other players.

In the game, players can breed, cultivate and sell dragons to receive ETH payments. They can also have their dragons to involve in Arena battlefield to earn ETH rewards. Dragons that have won glory in battlefield can produce more DST treasure in the Castle. The whole system presents a holistic in-game token economy.

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