DTube (Decentralized Tube) is a decentralized video platform launched in July 2016 that incentives users to create video content by giving them the ability to earn STEEMcryptocurrency. Users are rewarded by posting, curating, and up-voting content on the platform and all users are monetarily rewarded for their contributions )not only content creators).  The DTube video platform is ad-free, does not contain hidden algorithms that control visibility or monetization, and is resistant to censorship. DTube is built on the IPFS peer-to-peer network and the STEEM blockchain.

Instead of displaying view counts on videos uploaded by users, each video shows the amount of money the video has earned. 3 Another unique feature of Dtube compared to other online video platforms is that once a user uploads a video to their channel it can not be edited or deleted. Dtube uses the same payout system as Steemit blockchains, which means payouts occur on 7 day systems and older content cannot be monetized past the seven-day mark.

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