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Zetacoin currency information

The Genesis Mining (Cloud Mining Company) added a new alternative cryptocoin ZetaCoin with which one can mine with the cloud hashrate and purchase them too. Hence, ZetaCoin cryptocurrency is a decentralized open-source. In many ways, it is similar to bitcoin, but it features newer technologies to have better speeds. It is also an inflationary coin. They are usually receive within 30 seconds only. Zetacoin is referring with a symbol ZET. It uses SHA-256 hashing algorithm and enables to mine directly.

Zetacoin info

Zetacoin is forked from bitcoin. It has 160,000,000 of total no of coins. Accordingly, the consensus mechanism it uses is proof-of-work. Therefore, android and windows are the platforms which it supports in dealing. The supply of a total number of coins is supplements with 1 one million coins per year and sustaining the increasing demand of the coin in coming years too. It was also not pre-mining at its launch and is, therefore, a fair mine crypto currency.

ZetaCoin was found one of the most wanted coins by the company’s customers and Ziftrcoin (ZRC), Peercoin (PPC), Primecoin (XPM) were the other three ones.

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