Zennies Information

Proof typePoS
Start date22/03/2017
Coin TagZENI


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  2. C-CEX
  3. CoinExchange
  4. Novaexchange

Information about Zennies cryptocurrency

A Bulgarian arcade gaming portal ZENIgames.com launched the Zennies. It was declare on May 30, 2017, Pleven, Bulgaria. It is the world’s first digital token arcade game platform driven by Zennies cryptocurrency. ZENIgames offers games all of them are powered by ‘Zennies’. This cryptocurrency is a decentralized and completely independent. Accordingly, it has its own blockchain. Therefore, it does not depend on the other’s network.

In Japanese “Zeni” means “coins” or “small change”. ZENIgames offer its users with a plethora of game titles and a player leaderboard to keep track of the progress and competition. It does not only offer the arcade games but, it allows its users to create their own titles and earn Zennies in the process. Therefore, the standard feature of the games includes adventure, action, RPG, shooting etc.  The feature is combine with the generous referral system and makes the gaming entertaining and profitable at the same time. The platform also offers a free joining and a straightforward signup process. The portal also feature

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