Veros Information

Algorithm N/A
Proof type N/A
Start date 2015
Coin Tag VRS
Website VEROS


1. C-CEX
2. Livecoin

Information About Veros 


VEROS is a cryptocurrency that has the nomination and it has 8 digits post decimal point. Henceforth, it is an initial project and it is expected to grow consistently by adding innovative modules, which ultimately defines a Crypto-One-Stop-Solution (COSS). Presently, this coin offers a use case for storing and dispensation of digital transaction in a protected and transparent way.

Accordingly, VEROS is build and accessible on a Block chain and identifies DApp (Distributed Application). One of the reasons behind using Blockchain technology in the development of the coin is to offer a decentralized infrastructure,which is stable and secure for all its users. Therefore, it is built on Ethereum: it is a Blockchain-based dispersed computing platform and it is capable to run smart contracts.

Active Development

Accordingly, the COSS (Crypto-One-Stop-Solution) includes all features obtainable in a digital economical system based on the cryptocurrency. The system integrates all transnational facets that are typically manages using FIAT money and it provides resolutions for exchanges, wallets, achievements, payrolls, and transactions, etc.

Vero’s Wallet

Hencforth, the coin’s Wallet is a cross-platform virtual wallet, empowering users to store VEROS. The wallet offers a few functionalities. Hence, following points are the functionalities:

Since, ability to generate a new address within Blockchain network.
Facility to view the coin balance and send transactions to other wallets.
Facility to view transactions and pending releases.
Skill-set for viewing and creating staking deposits.
Ability to create payment request and display the orders as QR codes.
Ability to scan QR codes for sending the coin’s payment.


The mainstream of the coin will be disperse via affiliate systems. Therefore, where members will be entitles to get reward coins for calling merchants on board for accepting VEROS for payments.

All affiliate reward of this coin will trail a pre-program release-contract in which each payment will be process to member’s wallet for a period of 25 weeks. Therefore, the members will get 1/25 of the full payment they are entitles on weekly basis.

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