Vcash Crycptocurrency

Vcash Information

Algorithm Whirlpool
Proof type PoS
Start date 18/03/2016
Coin Tag XVC
Website vcash
1. Poloniex
2. Bittrex
3. alcurEX

Information About Vcash

Vcash is a decentralized currency of the worldwide Internet. It enables you to send money to anywhere in the world instantly for almost no cost.

Withal, it is a cryptocurrency that uses a multitier architecture that enables the coin to scale better in a secure way. The main developer goes under the name of John Connor. Although, there is no pre-mine, pre-sale, IPO or ICO for Vcash. Vcash was previously known as Vanillacoin.

Hashing Algorithm – Proof of Stake

Genesis Date – December 23, 2014 (almost 2 years)

Market Capitalization – $2,359,689.40

Why Vcash?

This cryptocurrency designed to be innovative and forward-thinking. Furthermore, it prevents eavesdropping and censorship, energy efficient, promotes decentralized and instant network transactions.


The wallet software allows to send, receive and store Vcash. For more information go to the getting started page.

Nonetheless, Virtual Terminal Network (VTN), has launched a new mobile money transfer service that allows its subscribers to transfer and receive money locally through western union using their mobile phone. Furthermore, Its subscribers can use this service 24/7 to directly transfer individual Western Union remittances they receive, up to US$300, and combined remittances daily up to US$800, into their accounts.


Vcash has invented many breakthrough technologies such as Zero Time to provide sub-second (safely confirmed) transactions, Node Incentives to ensure the network remains robust and ChainBlender to provide ahead of time transaction anonymity. Currently, we are exploring the area of Self Governance.


To mine for coins, there are two options available, solo or pooled mining.

For solo mining click the gear icon and select the Mining tab, then click on start. After a short time, your hash rate will be visible. In order to stop mining click the stop button. You are using the command line client use the –mine-cpu=1 option.

* Please note that solo mining is no longer viable due to current difficulty and pooled mining is recommended.

For pooled mining goes to a Mining Pool Hub or Suprnova or MaxMiners. However, Additional mining pools may be visible on the forums. Additionally, mining software and tools may be established in various methods.

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