Unobtanium Information

Proof typePoW
Start date18/08/2013
Coin TagUNO

  1. Bittrex
  2. Cryptopia
  3. Bleutrade
  4. CoinExchange
  5. C-CEX

Unobatium Coin

Unobatium commonly known as UNO is an open source cryptocurrency mine with bitcoin. It was declare in the fourth quarter of 2013.  Therefore, it is one of the digital coins that follows SHA-256 algorithm. The aim of launching was to bring the alternative currency with a design to become a rarity in the market. Accordingly, It is as a “fair-mined” cryptocurrency with zero percent pre-mining and no replacement for the lost unobtaniums. It has a secure and high difficulty blockchain, which is 3x faster than bitcoin.

Unobatium Coin information

Unobtanium is a highly collectible cryptotoken since its launch. The community behind it is active and also experienced. It is traded on high cryptocurrency exchanges and is supported by the wide range of services. Therefore, it is friendly and welcoming the newcomers.

To access the UNO exchange, one simply needs to download the latest windows client. After the installation, the wallet is directly accessible for mine, collection, and trading too. One cannot access this if he is the user of the OS like Mac, Linux, Ubuntu and so on.

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