Terracoin - A cryptocurrency for the world

Terracoin Information

Algorithm SHA256
Proof type PoW
Start date 12/06/2014
Coin Tag TRC
Website terracoin
1. C-CEX
2. Cryptopia
3. Novaexchange
4. TradeSatoshi

Terracoin – A cryptocurrency for the world

TerraCoin is a digital currency with a 2012 dated Blockchain. It has come to market in 2012.  This cryptocurrency is almost similar to BitCoin but this coin offers faster transaction. This digital coin also offers enhanced security by the leverage of Dark Gravity Wave difficulty recalculation and merged mining. The cryptocurrency runs on sha-256, similar to BitCoin.

One of the biggest advantages of using this digital currency is its peer-to-peer algorithm, decentralized network, low transaction fee, and added facility of no chargeback. Total count of TerraCoin supply is 42 million o coins.

Wallet Specifications:

  • The coin works on SHA-256 Algorithm,
  • The total count is 42 Million coins,
  • Reward halving at 1050000 blocks,
  • 20 TRC/ block,
  • Merged mining is an additional advantage.
  • Leverage of Dark Gravity Wave Difficulty Recalculation,
  • Each block is accomplished approximately every 2 minutes.
TRC Wallet:

TerraCoin (TRC) works through a digital wallet that is encoded to work on Windows computers. The users need to download the TRC Wallet, which is equipped with the up-to-date build to experience improved services. If you a user of more than one cryptocurrencies, although, you may use a multi-currency Bitcoin client that also supports TRC. Just you need to remember that it would be a 3rd-party wallet, which is in a major way different from the actual TerraCoin Wallet.

Furthermore, you can instantly load your wallet with unrestricted coins by simply searching for a TerraCoin Faucet online. There are numerous faucets available for making it certain for most of them. A user needs to submit his TRC Wallet address and find the free coins transported straight to your wallet.

TerraCoin Mining

One of the best advantages of TerraCoin (TRC)  is nominal two-minute block time: by default, it is five times faster than the block time Bitcoin mining features.

When engaged in TRC mining, users need to consider their net profits. In effect, it’s significant to use its Calculator to get a fair estimate to your mining with profitability. By indicating the hash rate, block reward, power used, exchange rate, and other details, you will have a clear picture of how this coin’s mining can benefit you in the long run.

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