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Synereo Information

Algorithm Array
Proof type Pow/PoSC
Start date 19/03/2016
Coin Tag AMP
Website Synereo
1. Poloniex
2. Bittrex
3. Cryptopia
4. HitBTC

Information About Synereo

Synereo powered Apps interface with each and every different quite simply and securely. Persons talk and trade price without the need for core-guys, external of walled gardens.

Synereo is ambitious via a scalable, useful tech stack. However, it’s a best-decentralized platform enabling purposes to exist without a centralized server, at all.


Fueling an Attention Economy

Synereo’s model values repute. Thereby the best judgment maximizes advantages to users centered on the attention they furnish to content material and their reputation in generating it.

Fueling Network

Our cryptocurrency, AMP, compensates users for storage, computation, and bandwidth to the network; henceforth fueling underlying decentralized servers.


Our intention is to remove power from these imperative authorities and put it again on the fingers of users, where it belongs. To this end, we’re introducing a thoroughly dispensed development platform and wholly decentralized social platform that presents up a bold mannequin of how the web will have to work.

Because result of greater than 6 years of development, and constructing on decades of educational research, our unparalleled tech stack – with a novel, subsequent-gen blockchain science at its core – permits someone, the hazard to run theirs possess dispensed server program, correct on their regional desktop, and become a member of our free, egalitarian, comfortable and private community – or create one of their very own.

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