Storjcoin X

Storjcoin Information

Algorithm SHA-256
Proof type N/A
Start date 2014-07-18
Coin Tag SJCX
Website Storjcoin
1. Poloniex
2. Bittrex
3. Zaif

Information About Storjcoin

Storjcoin is a world community of enthusiasts, farmers and developers. We are enthusiastic about the way forward for cloud storage and proponents of decentralization, free software and science for social good. Therefore, we connect through online chat, via helping answer questions and contributing to the codebase, including servers to community and even speak me at conferences. In fact, a few of our founders and a couple of workers all met by way of the community

Henceforth, we’re hooked into decentralization, and we like free and open source application. Our mission is to rethink cloud storage, to provide protection, privacy, and transparency it’s missing. That’s why we are constructing an open-source cloud platform, that purpose to basically change the way in which persons and contraptions own knowledge. We welcome your feedback, worm stories, and pull requests.

Storjcoin is a token that allows you to purchase storage or earn money for renting your free hard power space. SJCX is a Counterparty asset that makes use of the Bitcoin blockchain for its transactions. Therefore, right here will ever the best be 500 million; no extra will also be created.

There are currently four specific exchange place you can purchase SJCX:


There’s a mix of technical and financial causes why we get a brand-new token was once needed. Storjcoin is built with Counterparty, which makes use of Bitcoin blockchain.

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