SingularDTV Crycptocurrency

SingularDTV Information

Algorithm N/A
Proof type N/A
Start date 02/10/2016
Coin Tag SNGLS
Website singulardtv
1. Bittrex
3. Liqui
4. HitBTC
5. alcurEX
6. CryptoDerivatives
7. EtherDelta

SingularDTV Blockchain Entertainment Studio

SingularDTV an exciting new block chain entertainment studio and a decentralized TV and film platform powered by blockchain and designed to rely on tokenized eco system built on Ethereum. It offers more fair, efficient and transparent business to block chain and smart technology.

S-DTV is a Centrally Organized Distributed Entity (CODE) a new form of organizational structure. However, CODE spread evenly here, the equity will share between token holders that receives dividends from profit generated by platform managed centrally but the token holders do not take part in decision making and development of platform.

SingularDTV platform relies on following components:

CODE, Smart Contracts, Vault, Workshop, and projects. The entire concept starts with CODE for a decentralized network through Smart Contracts.

The platform is unique and runs on a native cryptocurrency called SNGLS represents the actual revenue the content of network drives. Although, SNGLS are already listed on crypto currency exchanges. Trading of which can be possible on leading crypto currency platforms like Gatecoin and EtherDelta.

S-DTV acquires the distribution rights of other film and TV properties to distribute. Along with their projects on the TVOD portal and/or its brand panels like Google play.

S-DTV wants to gather a total of $7.5 million and also offers a user interfacethat participants will be able to watch the content and have the chance to upload content of their own to compete against other content creators on network.

Following the epic saga of DAO hack, security is a serious issue for block chain project, especially on Ethereum. Despite this, S-DTV is secured by an auditing mechanism called The Guard.

The S-DTV developed an Ethereum lightWallet allows you to store and transfer SNGLS tokens and ether.

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