Siacoin cryprocurrency

Siacoin Information

Algorithm Blake2b
Proof type PoW
Start date 01/06/2015
Coin Tag SC
Website Siacoin

Information About Siacoin

Anybody with siacoins can appoint storage from decentralized network, and hosts are getting paid for their contributions. A mixture of intelligent contracts, erasure coding, and encryption makes certain cozy, personal, and trustworthy decentralized storage.

Inspiration of Sia was at beginning conceived at HackMIT 2013. What when you would liberate unused cupboard space of the universe and unite it into an international free market for information?

Sia leverages ability of blockchain science to enable allotted networks to reach consensus in a safe and trusted way. Cryptographically secured clever contracts make sure encryption and transfer of knowledge without a likelihood for a third occasion to intervene in any way.

Sia is a new procedure to cloud storage platforms. Instead of all data centers being owned and operated by means of a single enterprise, Sia opens floodgates and enables anybody to earn money by means of renting out their hard power. Information integrity is included utilizing redundancy and cryptography


Foundation of Sia is a proof of labor blockchain. Storage contracts are a new variety of transactions that gets enforced by using blockchain. Sia’s hashing algorithm is blake2b. P2pool and multisig wallets are each supported on Sia.


Sia makes use of a new cryptocurrency, referred to as siacoin. Developers will mine primary 100 blocks or so earlier than releasing code + miner to the general public. Instead of these first block, there is not any premine for siacoins. The primary block reward can be 300,000 siacoins. Each and every block reward after so as to be one siacoin smaller than earlier block reward.


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