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Introduction to Purk

Purk is a CryptoNote based cryptocurrency used for donations, tips and private payments. It is a fork of Boolberry. Purk is a community based project that focuses on privacy based payments and uses ring signatures and a variation of the Diffie-Hellman exchange protocol which provides users a completely anonymous payment scheme. Purk is available on Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems.

Transactions are completely anonymous and can’t be tracked or interlinked due to the automatic creation of multiple unique one-time

keys, derived from the single public key for each payment that is sent.

Purk is ASIC resistant and uses the PoW hash, Wild keccak algorithm which helps to balance GPU and CPU mining speeds. The max supply is 179,424,673 PURK and every block that is mined has a smoothly varying reward with a block target time of 90 seconds/1.5 minutes. Miners can mine from a pool or directly from the daemon.

What is Purk?

Purk can be used to monetise anything from website content, blog articles, multimedia, products and a variety of online services by allowing users to tip or donate to content owners anonymously. Not only does this reduce the amount of promotional clutter on a website, it also reduces costs on content writing and saves time by allowing your customers to tip/pay writers or employees directly.

Users can install the Purk Button on their website or application by generating the Purk Button directly from the GUI wallet. Once the simple HTML snippet is added to the source code of a website, content owners can accept quick and easy private payments to monetise their content without the use of a long wallet address.

At the time of writing (July 2018) the Purk Button is launched in beta and available from v1.0.2 onwards. After the public release of the Purk Button API, a minimal number of transaction variables will be “optionally” traceable if a website or application owner wants to integrate the Purk donations system in to their website.

Use Cases

The Purk Button API can be used for a number or online activities including:

  • Blogging and multi-blogging platforms
  • Tips or gratuities for your service
  • Charities / nonprofit
  • Donation based activities
  • Fundraising
  • Development funds
  • Personal donations
  • Incentive based projects
  • Untraceable Payments - ring signature technology provides users a completely anonymous payment scheme.
  • Unlinkable Transactions - Transactions can’t be tracked or interlinked due to the automatic creation of multiple unique one-time keys.
  • Analysis Resistant - The Purk blockchain is resistant to any kind of analysis.
  • Wallet Address Aliases - Any wallet address can be linked to a Purk handle; for example @purk.
  • Adaptive Limits - Limits such as max block size or fee amount are re-calculated based on Purk’s previous state.
  • Self Funding - Purk didn’t have a premine, instamine or ICO. We have a transparent finance model, where 1% of the emission is reserved for the development of the Purk Project.
  • Community Driven - Purk is a community based cryptocurrency. Users can vote on upcoming development and PR
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