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Primecoin Information 

Algorithm Multiple
Proof type PoW
Start date 07/07/2013
Coin Tag XPM
Website PrimeCoin





Information About PrimeCoin                                                             

PrimeCoin is an exclusive form of cryptocurrency; it is a special type of digital currency is safe by cryptography and it is issued via a decentralized mining market. This digital currency is derived from Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin and it is based on a unique proof of work. It is the first cryptocurrency that is designes with scientific computing.

Meaning of PrimeCoin symbol

It is represent by the Greek letter psi (Ψ). This letter is selected as a compliment to Riemann, as the shape signifies the “Riemann zeta function.Therefore, it is a graphical version used in PrimeCoin-Qt Windows setup screen. The horizontal bar not only regulates to currency symbol pact, but also signifies one of the most notable jewels of math – Riemann hypothesis.

Scientific Cost behind PrimeCoin’s Work

PrimeCoin network quests for exclusive prime number chains recognized as Cunningham chains and bi-twin chains, respectively. The dispersal of these prime chains are not well-understood presently as even for the simplest case identical primes their never-ending existence is not establishes. The allocation of primes has been one of the most vital findings in arithmetic, and the study of prime chains hints its line to the work of Riemann and prime number theorem, with connections to the deeper nature of the apparently random algorithm of prime allocation.

Prime distribution is not an abstract interest of mathematicians. Riemann’s study publicizes connections between Riemann Zeta Function and Prime Distribution, whereas later on Riemann Zeta Function has been shown to be extremely relevant in other scientific disciplines such as physics. Or simple reason, the study of prime distribution is a vital part of modern science’s foundation.

The advantages:

There are certain advantages of using PrimeCoin digital currency. These are:

  • The advanced prime proof-of-work in this coin offers security and minting to the network; besides it produces a distinct form of Prime Number Chains of interest to mathematical research.
  • Accordingly, the coin network is energy-multiuse in comparison to bitcoin network.
  • It is plan to withstand a well-off mining market and high level of security. At the same time it maintains good scarcity property like gold.
  • Therefore, it also routes payment transactions 10 times faster than bitcoin network.


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