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Potcoin Information 

Algorithm Scrypt
Proof type PoW
Start date 21/01/2014
Coin Tag POT
Website PotCoin

PotCoin cyptocurrency informationPotCoin

PotCoin was released on 2014 to create a cryptocurrency and it is a community based effort. POT is a peer-to-peer crypto currency which aims of becoming the standard way of payment for legalized industry.

PotCoin is the first digital currency used only for legalized ones. POT can be used by merchants and users to simplify payments, records business processes.

The entire network of PotCoin is covered by Block chain technology it is open source and free to use. If you want to feel the experience of PotCoin you need to install Wallet and see how it is easy.

The main mission is designed to empower and provide secure transactions by creating a unique crypto currency and facilitate the legal cannabis industry community’s transactions.PotCoin does not ensure any warranty or guarantee that any actions performed by you, users or nay other organizations.

PotCoins can be sent via by the internet. Compare to others, it has number of advantages: POT’s are transferred directly from both the parties through the internet without any banking. Here the fees is very low you can use in any country. Sending PotCoin is just sending an email and you can buy anything using POT’s.

PotCoins will be kept in your digital wallet on your computer or any other cell phone device. The network of PotCoin can be used by thousands of computers by stating encryption.

PotCoin provides high cryptographic security and process transactions in a very efficient way with no fees in most cases fees are not required but they recommended for fast transactions. It provides protection against fraud ones and facilitates fast international payments. PotCoin includes multi-signature feature for the people only a subset of group that can authorized.

The market cap value of POT is $9,295,055 with a circulating supply of216,654,813 POT. POT Price is 40.042903.


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