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Start date 26. Feb 2017
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Information About Peerplays

Peerplays is a World First Disperse event management and Wagering Platform. Therefore, constructs an entirely on Blockchain.

Peerplayes Features:

Guaranteed provably fair Gaming
Actually, this coin provably reasonable gaming approach is 100% open supply and developes immediately onto blockchain. Therefore, you do not ever have to fear about cheaters or unfair apartment odds, when you consider that all video games take place between real players and go well with each different by way of a sequence of on-chain clever contracts.

Fee-Backed Assets
Core tokens of Peerplays are into a cost-sharing software known as fee Back belongings or “FBA”. Henceforth, this implies blockchain robotically distributes a percent of fees from each jackpot for each recreation of the whole community to the holders of this coin core tokens.

Lightning Fast Speed & Network Capacity
Peerplays is built on Graphene it is the fast disperse blockchain technology on this planet. Therefore, graphene has been efficaciously demonstrates to handle over 100,000 transactions per 2nd with usual block times of underneath 3 seconds.

Digital Asset Exchange
Accordingly, you may create your possess tokens, buy and sell gateway tokens for fashionable cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH, wager with price-stable SmartCoins from the BitShares platform from a growing quantity of legit gateway offerings.


The Peerplays blockchain can sponsor important event jackpots by allocating a little percentage; every community cost into a clever contract-secured virtual account known as Mega-Jackpot Fund. Therefore, Mega-Jackpot match pursuits are mechanically plan, and then dollars are unlockes with the aid of the smart contract and instantly get transfer to the event winners.

PowerUp aspects
Hence, you can earn PowerUp tokens each time you play in a Peerplays event. Since, they’re the participant rewards points of the The coin’s community, and are allocates the consistent with win-loss files and amounts wageres, among distinct causes.

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